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Philips SHE 9700 vs Philips SHE8500

  1. trueblue1994
    Philips SHE 9700 or Philips SHE8500
  2. AstroTurf
    Here ya go:


    Hope it helps, Jim
  3. dtomo
    Own 3580 and have heard 9700. They are about $10 difference. 9700 better build/cable and for me better sound and fit. Both are good phones for the price. Good luck.
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  4. trueblue1994
    People have been rating 3580 much above 9700 in every aspect ....
  5. dtomo
    I have 3580 but it does not fit well for me, makes me want to adjust them most of the time. Tried different tips but still. It sounds good but not what I expected, I feel 9700 is more refined than 3580. I know fit could lead to 3580 sound I experienced, so that's how it went for me.
    Also everybody got 3580/28 and I got 3580/98 because that's what available here, IDK if that makes a difference.
  6. trueblue1994
    Oh, i see ... thats sad ....probably u cant review them from a general prospect ....
  7. D7H7N

    Exact opposite actually.  There was also a time last year where members were finding 9700 for $6-$9 on Amazon lol.  So they were just buying those over the 3580.
  8. trueblue1994

    Lol. she9700 for 6$ ..... What !!
  9. D7H7N
    Yeah there was someone on Amazon selling what seemed to be used or refurbished SHE9700s for cheap.  A bunch of us decided to buy them and they were fine.  The stock tips were pretty awful and they didn't come with extra ones.  Not sure if that guy is still selling them though.
    The cord is definitely an upgrade from the 3580.
  10. chrone
    SHE9700 all the way! Satisfied customer here for these last two years. :D

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