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Philips SHE 3590 = SHE3500?

  1. oMalakai
    I still feel very noobish about asking this, because they are cheap IEM´s and stuff.... but my good ol SHE3590 died yesterday, and I was looking for a replacement. So, I went to my usual store and they just have the 3500, that look exactly the same, but with blue tips. Looking at the specs the difference is the sensitivity (100 db vs 103 db) and frequency response (22 vs 23 khz), but, i´m not sure if it would be noticeable. What do you think?
  2. oMalakai
    Oh well, I bought them, so, if someone gets interested sometime about this things, here are my first impressions.
    Although they look almost identical, the cable feels softer, and they don´t have the metal grill (SHE-3500), so they building quality is not as good. The sound...huh, I hope that they just need break in on something, but this things are extremely brilliant, with the Bass Boost preset of my cellphone, the 3590 sounded quite dark, but, in the 3500 they just sound as the  3590 with treble boosted. The problem? Lots of treble, but tiny bass, and recessed mids. This is not what I expected. I seriously hope that they are going to sound a bit better with the time, but I must admit that i´m pretty dissapointed.
  3. higbvuyb
    Both the 3500 and 3590 are V-shaped. They're pretty much the same aside from the different filter which affects the top end.
    The 3500 has about 10-15 dB of bass boost. The treble sounds a bit hot because of a ~9000kHz peak.
    It isn't normal for the 3500 to be lacking bass. Maybe yours has faulty bass ports. See if you can insert it a bit deeper.
  4. oMalakai
    I like the V-Shape, but this things have almost no bass, I had to EQ down the HIghs to have a decent sound. How I can know that they have faulty bass ports? I mean, they don´t sound like crap, but, if I cimpare them with the 3590...the difference it´s too damn huge. The bad part, it´s that I don´t think that I can return them.
  5. oMalakai
    I will try to return them tomorrow, definitely I just hate them. Sounds as bad as the earphones that come with cheap cellphones.
  6. oMalakai
    Ok, after convincing the seller that they were defective, he gave me a new pair. Yep, definitely, it was a defective pair.
    Now, some thoughts about it :
    They sound similar to the 3590, but I think that a bit more spacious. They are not as bassy, bass is there, but almost neutral. Mids are a bit recessed, but it´s ok, V-Shaped IEM´s. Highs are quite different, this earphones are a lot brighter, but still pleasant to hear, the 3590 had an annoying peak at,  around 8 khz I think, that sounded a bit painful sometimes. This things even with the typical Bass boost preset, are going to sound ok. They still don´t sound as good as the 3590, they lack some warm and "naturality" in the sound, but they are new, I didn´t liked too much my 3590 the first days, but after some burn in and music, they improved a lot. Overall, I would say that they are a bit more brighter, with controlled bass, not as much as the 3590 that can be too much sometimes. Stock tips are better now, more solid, and offer better comfort, IMO.
  7. egosumlux
    Good to know that there is more sparkle on the SHE 3500

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