Philips SBC-HD1502u with TPA6120, Crossfeed [EU]
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Sep 16, 2008
Selling my Philips SBC-HD1502u DOlby Headphone Amp. (By nature, supports wireless hedphone SBC-HD1505u and other Philips wireless heaphones, not included...).
It supports DTS, DOlby Digital and STereo inputs and transfers them into DOlby Headphone or Stereo output. Features analog input/output (2x), digital input (1x koax and toslink each) and output, and another alaog input bypassing the internal DAC, directly connected to the internal headphone amp for better sound quality (normally, the analog inputs take a walk through the integrated DAC, A-D and back...).
The poor standard headphone amp has been replaced by a TPA6120-based headphone amp, which is able to drive every headphone (OK, maybe not the k-1000), which offers high-class output, dead-silent.
ALso, a crossfeed function has been added.
The Bass Extension functionality does no longer work, as the switch is used to switch to the new analog input.

Asking pricedropped $OLDEuros shipped in Germany, EU shipping add 10,-, worldwide shipping depends on your location.

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