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Philips Fidelio X3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Sopp, Aug 26, 2019.
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  1. beepboop
    Looks like a nice stamped metal gimbal
  2. luedriver
    Funny no one is mentioning the new fidelio iems with various cables. The fact it's probably the first time Philips made iems with detachable cables and the new "ring-iron hybrid unit" or its also probably the first Philips iems with multiple drivers

    I think the fact that TPV a Hong-Kong based company owns Philips audio video it seems that they went and introduced a lot of known chi-fi elements to the lineup

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  3. conquerator2
    I also enjoyed both the X1 and the X2 (with original pads) so am eagerly waiting for this one.
  4. Beagle
    Sheesh. Imagine being introduced to the most beautiful girl in the world, who could be all yours, and you say "Doesn't look like the ass is removable".
  5. Mhog55
    According to What Hi Fi, these will be available in January. Phillips is also introducing PH805 - A new wireless can with active noise canceling. Looks like the X3 will be roughly 400 bucks.
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  6. phthora
    Or, like, imagine paying a couple hundred bucks for something lacking a feature very common in comparable products. That's the real sheesh.
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  7. Mhog55
    Removable ass? Have you located many of those?
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  8. Beagle
    No, but the pads on the X2 come off.
  9. Hifiearspeakers
  10. SierraMadre
    It’s always possible the pads won’t be removable. . . But I don’t see how anyone is getting that from just these teaser pics and given what happened with the X2 (manufacturer changes to Gibson, QC drops and pads are glued, returns/complaints ensue, TP step in and re-institute Woox-era standards and stop using glue), I think it unlikely TP would go with a non-removable or hard to remove design.
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  11. Beagle
    The ones you can vote out?
  12. frogmeat69
    Not many asses, but.....
  13. Pharmaboy
    movable? maybe...

    removable? no way.
  14. WildStyle-R11
    Awww, I was hoping for a X2 wireless version. :D Would be nice, with a charging Dock/Receiver... RIP dreams.
  15. SierraMadre
    Don’t think I’ve ever come across open backed wireless. Does anyone even make them?
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