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Philips Fidelio X2?!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by thatBeatsguy, Jun 14, 2014.
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  1. kukkurovaca
    easiy to confuse with Joshua Suede, Joshua Lambskin, and Joshua Protein
  2. Pharmaboy
    Genus: Naugahyde

    Species: Velour
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  3. Pharmaboy
    Don't leave out Joshua Tree (no reviews yet written by Joshua Tree, but still...)
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    It is with some serious regret that I report I've (for the second time) returned the X2...This pair sounded great until I listened back to back against my Superlux HD681 EVO and then my Beyer DT990 Premium 600ohm. The EVO came just a bit too close in sound quality, also being a bass oriented can then add to that the 40 bucks asking price of the EVO and it made the 150 I paid for the X2HR seem a bit high.
    Now the X2HR sounded more spacious and was an overall better sounding hp but the price difference was a big factor for me. The EVO just sounds fantastically fun for the low low price.
    The DT990 which also produces some significant low end was superior in almost all aspects to the X2HR and with both the EVO & DT990 in my stable I felt I didn't need another bass oriented hp so back to Amazon they went. In all honesty I was a little sad to see them go, the build quality is nothing short of exceptional at the price point (150) and although the EVO sounded just a bit more congested during complex passages it had great bass and was just so fun sounding at times I totally forgot I paid 25 bucks for them! I had a coupon...
    The DT990 had better clarity and resolution and just sounded like a more refined hp. The DT990 has great low end and with a clean source and recording some fine highs also. So goodbye X2HR I did enjoy you but couldn't justify keeping you...again...:triportsad:
  5. HungryPanda
    I received the X2HR today, couldn't resist at £109 from Amazon.uk. I already have the earlier X2's so one of them will go to my workplace so I can enjoy them there
  6. Pharmaboy
    I'll be interested to know whether you hear any difference btwn the original & the HR version...
  7. HungryPanda
    I'll compare them tomorrow, today I also received the BGVP ArtMagic DH3 and EchoBox The Finder X2 so been having fun
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  8. Pharmaboy
    Interesting experience with the X2s last night. To set the scene:
    • I've had a loaner ZMF Aeolus here for 3-4 weeks. Slowly but steadily over that time, it has become my HP of choice, the best all-rounder I've yet heard. It's taking up a lot of headtime other headphones usually have
    • I've done shootouts w/the Aeolus and 2 planars I like & admire (LCD-2.1 pre-fazor; and HEX v2), it bested them in nearly every way

    As it happens, during that 3-4 wk period I didn't hear the X2s. Last night I broke them out, feeling some trepidation: would they sound distinctly inferior to the Aeolus? Or maybe just less good than I remember?

    Within a few minutes it was clear: I still love the sound of the X2s. They sound so musical, relaxing and satisfying, that I'm not really interested in comparing them to the Aeolus (which costs 6-7X more).

    I could list all the ways the Aeolus is better. But why bother? Both headphones have that rare quality of pleasing me to no end every time I put them on my head.
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  9. Mr Trev
    Understandable… stick with what you like best.
    Probably for the best considering the X3 will be coming soonly anyways
  10. cudam
    Hi, i was going to buy bluetooth headphone. But, I changed the decision.

    I want Philips Fidelio X2HR. I'm gonna get a portable dac-amp. What do you suggest ?

    I'm reviewing Audiquest Dragon Red or Fiio Q1 Mark II

    Is it appropriate?
  11. sS1RuXx
    Hi, i have the philips fidelio x2 and want to make a jump in sound quality, I am very interested in the Hifiman sundara and Sennheiser HD 660s headphones that are at the same price.

    My preferences on music are - violin, music electronic like drum bass, chillstep, synthwave...music with out much bass - also for gaming (not fps games) would like a headphone with good soundstage.

    What will you recommend me bettwen these 2 heaphones and why? Will I notice the jump in music quality in these headphones? There is something better in the rangue of 500 euro?

    Thanks for all!!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  12. kokiiiz
    Hi all

    I’m still tempted to buy X2hr although I have the hd6xx and the hd58x in my attempt to find the perfect pair which has wide sound stage, not high end tone spark, and my fav good sub-bass, hence still not satisfied with what I have until I try also the X2hr

    My question which I need your advise/thoughts on as I’m teared between 2 listing of 2xhr on Amazon with same price, first one sold by amazon with no info if made by Gibson or the new manufacturer and the second listing sold by 3rd parties saying made by Gibson innovations.

    Any advise here please which one to select as I have seen some people on reddit calming the new manufacturer have dropped the quality down vs even Gibson ones and it seem affected the sound quality too!

  13. Harold999
    Bass totally gone at one side. No weird sounds just gone. Mids and highs of that driver still good. Opened it and nothing to see. Cables good.
    So the (bass part) of the driver seems bad. Is a new one expensive? (and available?)
  14. iznogud
    Hey guys,

    Any Pads expert around here ? After months taking the dust i decided to get my X2 some listening time but first i need new pads the stock pads lasted me less than 2 years with intensive use which is fair if you ask me but not great (they're completely worn out).

    Any recommendations ? I thought about the Shure HPAEC1540 but last time i checked it requires some work to fit them ?

    Is there any no brainer nowadays ? Ideally i don't want to affect the sound but more important to me is the comfort and fit. Anything from Dekoni which fit the bill maybe ?

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