Philips Fidelio X2?!
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  Really annoying that the cable being touched by anything is so noisy in the left earphone.

I've ordered a V-MODA cable from Amazon, will see if that helps with microphonics and unwieldiness of the stock cable.
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I have an x2 on the way it should be here on tuesday, i am also thinking about getting a dac/amp as well was thinking of going with the fiio q1 or maybe the schiit fulla, anybody use those with the x2?

I considered those and ended up getting a Micca OriGen - I've been pretty happy with it, though I don't have much to compare it to outside my onboard audio and a cheap discrete sound card. Here's a Z Review. 
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Impressions Update :

So, as I've said before that I've recieved mine yesterday & this being the first time for me, I was quite in a confusion...

Now I've slightly become accustomed to the signature & can confidently say that it does what it is meant to do :
Lots of detail, no graininess, great bass, mids are just right.

However, I have two main caveats :

1> SOUNDSTAGE : TBH, I don't hear anything 3D :frowning2: It still sounds beside my ears. What I'm suspecting is that both my old ipod & the Walkman that I bought(NW A25) don't have enough juice. Now I need to find an amp & find it out myself...

2> Cable is extremely microphonic. :frowning2:

P.S.: I may have created a little confusion in my previous posts & feel extremely sorry for that...
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Amazon dropped the X2's to 200$ now, seems like a steal....  Idk if I should jump on it... :)
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  Amazon dropped the X2's to 200$ now, seems like a steal....  Idk if I should jump on it... :)

Why not?  Are you nutz?!  I'm thinking about it, at this price, and I already have a pair. 
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leaking oil, madwolfa's aluminum issue, oh the insanity...

Maybe I'll just jump on it :).

Btw did people find the highs harsh at all with these?

Also, what sort of Amp/DAC do people like with these?

EDIT:  I found these comments
  They've had issues with QC from day one but it seems to be little things that to me are inconsequential.  My pair while cosmetically perfect, came with a plug adapter that an insane channel imbalance.  I almost returned them but decided to trouble shoot with different sources and a couple of those are 1/8" instead of 1/4" and that's when I realized it was the adapter.  Switch it out for one I knew was fine, boom no imbalance.  All in all I have no qualms recommending it.  Let's face it guys... Philips isn't generally known as the king of build quality(generally speaking as a company) nor luxury. They have only recently jumped into headphones in this price class and I think they've done an admirable job where it counts.  These things sound fantastic and I don't see many posts about driver issues, almost exclusively issues that really don't affect the sound.

Complete agreement, Badfish5446.  These headphones sound so great that slight cosmetic flaws don't detract much from the total package.  My X2's do have a noticeable channel driver imbalance favoring the left channel that unfortunately is not related to any simple adapter or cable but I enjoy the sound so much that I modified an inline volume switch to allow me to adjust the balance.  Now I'm pleased as punch.  Looking at the latest posted picture one side also has a slight gap in that aluminum ring as well but it is really a very minor flaw that I probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't religiously read this forum topic.  I just love the sound of these hps!  
Eventually, I'll probably get a TOTL pair of carbon fiber Ether-C's or the next whiz-bang headphones that catch my fancy but right now I'm thoroughly enthralled with these
wonderful (though slightly flawed) Philips Fidelio X2's.

I'm curious if anyone else has imbalances and such....??????!?!?!?!

What adapter was the poster talking about?  I thought the issues were with the cables...????

FWIW:  22 hours to decide:)...  I wonder with the issues Madwolfa was experiencing if Amazon isn't trying to just get rid of some of their stock...?
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I'm on the fence, but keep reading mixed reviews

These are amazing but... have issues... lol :frowning2:?

What are you concerned about?  I had them for a couple months and quite liked them. 
If it is in regards to the build issues discussed recently in the thread, mine never had those issues.  As far as I'm aware, a bunch of other owners also had no issues.  Maybe it is a recent shipment?  Either way, amazon has great return policies if yours do have any issues.

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