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Philips Fidelio X2 with no dac vs the Audio Technica ATH-AD500X with the Fiio E10K?

  1. Surpuppa
    I will mostly use the headphones for gaming and movies, so I want good bass, but I will also start getting into listening to music more, so I want them to sound good there too. 

    My thoughts about the X2: They weigh almost 400 grams, isnt that a bit heavy? Will I get tired after several hour use? Will they sound bad without a DAC? (My motherboard is very old and has quite a bit of static noise, if I were to plug them directly into the mb with no DAC, would they sound bad?)
    My thoughts about the AD500X: I heard they have amazing soundstage, but terrible bass. Would the bass boost on the E10K be enough to counter it? Does a bass boost ruin the sound in any way?

    If not, are there any other headphones/DACs which would fit my use better? (Nothing too expensive)
    Im really new to audio gear and headphones, so please explain in simple terms, thanks!
  2. Kerry56
    The suspension headband on the X2 is made well and I don't really notice the weight of the headphones that much.  I can wear them for several hours without fatigue.
    If you are getting static now, it won't improve with different headphones.  You probably do need a new DAC, and if you get the X2, I find they are better with an amp anyway.
    I never liked the bass boost with the Fiio amps.  But that's just a personal preference.  It seemed boomy and bloated.
    Have you considered the original Creative Aurvana Live?  It is relatively inexpensive, but has great sound with plenty of bass and is considered a pretty good set for gaming even though it is a closed back headphone.  The E10K would be overkill with the CAL, but a new DAC seems in order.  Downsides to the CAL are mediocre construction (they won't take much abuse) and small pads, though most find them comfortable.
    If you'd rather have an open back headphone, I'm at a standstill on what to suggest, because I'm not aware of many inexpensive sets known for good bass.  Normally, I'd suggest the HD 598 as a good all rounder.  Maybe someone else will come up with a better choice.
  3. Monsterzero
    I use X1s for gaming,and I game A LOT!!!! Over 3000 hours into Destiny alone not to mention completing all the Fallout games,Witcher 3 and Skyrim and its pre-quels.I wear my x1s for up to 8-12 hours a day and I have zero issues with the comfort at all.
  4. Surpuppa
    Do I have to get a DAC or something? My motherboard audio sucks, although I will upgrade this summer.
    Edit: As the previous reply said, it benefits from a DAC/AMP, so I probably will get one
  5. Mirakoolz
    my X2's were my primary headphone for a long time. things i noticed when moving to the AKG k712
    - Not as light
    - headstrap has more force thats always there
    - more clamp force
    - awesome build quality but makes creeking sounds when turning my head side to side due to the cups not actually having a horizontal pivot mechanism
    - ear cavity is smaller
  6. Surpuppa
    What about sound quality? The thing that worries me the most is the weight of the X2, so light headphones are preferred. Im thinking of either the AKG K701 or the AD500X instead, but since they are so bass light I dont know
  7. Mirakoolz
    i think it has great sound quality especially if its your first higher grade headphone, coming from more mainstream offerings as it offers a fun sound signature without the muddiness, splashiness, etc.
    i find the midrange a little recessed which means turning up the volume a bit higher during movies for better dialog which also makes the bass louder = more fun and bombastic
    one drawback i noticed only after owning my K712 is that the X2 has more energy in the sibilance region. it has more "S", "Swizzle", "Sizzle".
    Its not irritating siblance though. S still sounds like S, rather than ssSCChH
    i love my K712 but they dont replace my X2's. keeping my K712 as my treble/detail headphone.
  8. nighteyeswolf

    I love love love my HD 598s hooked up the Fiio E9 amp and my god are they comfortable and sound simply splendid, albeit they are very bass lite.  I would always forget I'm wearing them even after 8 hours.  Hell I'm surprised I didn't snap my neck getting up from my desk mid gaming session.  Oddly enough I just ordered (back ordered) the X2 to supplement them (that and well, it's been 6 years, I suffer from oooo shiny syndrome and desire something new to play with hahaha.  So I can definitely recommend the 598s for anyone looking for good sound (although quite bass lite)
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  9. Surpuppa
    That is the thing, I like bass for games and movies. The AD500X are also bass light so I thought I could counter it with the bass boost on the Fiio E10K
  10. Mirakoolz
    if you can, it'll be best to listen to a range of headphones at your local retailer. it doesnt even have to be a high end boutique.
    listen to everything without any bias or expectations to see what sparkles your ears.
    you may walk away with a headphone which you really like the sound of and end up spending way less than you thought - there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.
    i think im a borderline basshead, and from my limited experience, the higher up the range you go, the more 'audiophile' the sound which to me means 'needs just a touch more bass'
  11. LajostheHun
    The X2s are great all around headphones they are not very heavy but noticeable for sure if you tilt your head forward for instance. They sound is definitely of the "consumer fun" type vs the "audiophiliac" flat boring kind. They don't need an amp, but it can't hurt either. :wink:
  12. nighteyeswolf

    Well, I mean the 598s are definitely bass lite...BUT it's not likes not present at all.  You can certainly hear it, it's just not explosive or boomy.  Listening to a high quality jazz recording... hnnnnng that upright bass makes love with your ears hahahaha.   My X2s are coming in tomorrow come to find out, so I'll definitely be doing some AB testing.  If they perform how I think they will, they will definitely supplement the sennheisers. Also, thanks to the SMSL M3 dac I got in yesterday, plugging in headphones does not turn off the line out.  Meaning basically, I can plug the HD598s into my fiio e9 headphone amp and have both sources outputting simultaneously.  This will let my boyfriend and I to listen to a tv show or movie and not wake up my roommates hahaha
  13. Surpuppa
    The thing is that there are limited options here in Sweden so I cant really just go and try out a pair, or maybe I havnt looked hard enough. I will try to go to a dedicated audio store and check!
    That is the thing, i tilt my head forward quite a lot since my monitors are quite low. I guess I have to stack some books to increase the height so that I can look straight
  14. Sinery
    I went to Sundsvall yesterday with the hopes of picking the X2s up, I needed to try them seeing all the drama of the QC issues.
    Sadly there was only 1 pair between Elgiganten/Media Markt/Netonnet and that one sounded very poorly.
    The music sounded good in the right can, not so much in the left and when I played a frequency sweep the sound originated from all over the place.
    So if you're gonna order them, be sure to do so from Komplett seeing as they got free returns.
    As for weight, wasn't an issue.
    They felt more comfortable than the HD 598s I tried, but with that being said that's coming from wearing the HyperX Cloud.

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