Philips AZ2025 Boom Box
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Jul 26, 2001

This is the boom box I decided on to replace the dilapidated boom box at work. Like all the other boom box makes from various companies this unit is made in China and the quality of manufacture looks to be very decent particularly considering the price of $100.00 which was the limit of my budget. The only reason I chose this model was because a coworkers daughter is in a club similar to AmWay so to help her out I bought the unit through her club.

The AZ2025 can run on ac power or 8 D cell batteries plus 2 AAA batteries for the remote control. The body is made of silver plastic with translucent blue trim and features the typical boom box functions with CD player (that does indeed play CDRs without a hitch), Tape deck and AM/FM radio tuner with a 30 station memory which is easy to set. Tuner sensitivity seems decent though in Hawaii all the local stations are within a few miles so I really can't say for sure...

The CD player is mounted on top of the unit with a translucent cover so you get to watch the CD spinning should you be so inclined. The CD player seems to be quite skip resistant even with me jerking and tapping hard on the unit.
The only cassette tapes I have are audio books so all I can say is the tape deck does work and is simple to operate. You can also record to tape from the CD player though I haven't or won't bother testing that feature. A headphone jack is also included for private listening and sound quality was pretty good through my RS-1.

The unit also boasts what Philips calls Ultra High Clarity (to improve high freq response), Incredible Surround Sound and Digital Dynamic Bass Boost settings. In fact all these doodads do what they claim more or less though the bass response is notably lacking even with the bass boost on but the unit is brand new and may need to break in more. Other than that the overall sound quality is decent though a bit on the thin tinny side with the "Ultra High Clarity" on.

Anyone looking into a low cost boom box should be satisfied with this player and all things considered it delivers as much of the goods as can be expected for the price plus I think a little more. So far (a few hours) it has been reliable and other than the lack of bass response I have no complaints...

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