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Philadelphia area meet, Sunday Jan 31st (no football that weekend!)

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  1. Frank I
    I can throw it in the bag
  2. Mitchell4500
    Hey guys im thinking of coming - its kinda far tho. I think the last time I came was 2 years ago with my female friend? Since then ive been through many headphones, think Ive seen a few of you around at meets in silverspring/DC area but this meet was the first ive ever attended. 
    I currently have some interesting selection in stock with me haha. 
    I have my SE846 which I use daily... but ive come into some over the ears surpisingly as I prefer IEMs usually. 
    1. Se846
    2. Senn HD420
    3. Senn HD380
    4. Lafayette RP50s (really weird. Was given these, restored them kinda, I really like the sound)
    5. HD650s (girlfriends)
    6. Some Beyerdynamics (I dont remmber the model) 
    Additionally I have some extras: 
    1. I have a full PA system for live sound - Electrovoice ZLX speakers, Subs, yamaha digital mixer, etc) 
    2. Bravo v3 tube amp
    3. looking to buy a DAC shortly. Used to have a teac but I returned it. 
    4. Sager 13in laptop (no special sound stuff) 
    5. chromecast audio (lol)
    6. sansa clip + (lol again) 
    Is anyone interested in trying this stuff out if I come up? I have since sold my pretty acura for a turbo subaru outback. So I like driving but it costs me a bit more in gas :p 
  3. B-Dawk20
    The Bravo and the RP50s sound interesting.
  4. mikek200
    If possible{might have to work???},I'd love to hear the YiggyMB,and the Esther.
    Anyone,in the Brooklyn area,that needs a RT ride,pm me.......OK?
  5. Schroeder77
    I'm in, and looking forward to it!!
  6. Frank I
    I can bring the Nighthawk
  7. kazsud
    I'm sad to say I can't make it today. I have a brutal cold or the flu :/

    I love these meets and especially Lee's meets.
  8. B-Dawk20

    It's next month haha!
    kazsud likes this.
  9. kazsud

    Well this is good news... And I guess it shows how sick I am feeling•••••••••••
  10. holomorph
    I should be there. Perhaps new brews this time, the gear's the same [​IMG] HD600s, old V-CAN, ODAC, laptop.
  11. jp11801 Contributor
    I should be able to make this, it will be good to see you guys.
    I'll bring the Schiit Mjolnir 2 with Reflektor 74 or 75 tubes and likely the LCD - X and AT AD2k's. I also have a Singlepower Toaster style MPX3 if anyone is interested in hearing that. Not sure on the source yet, I am getting a Yggy but don't really feel like running a UPS for the car ride out to keep it powered up. I also have a Metric Halo UNL - 8 that could serve as a source or the Chord Mojo. 
    Anyway count me in 
  12. willsw
    Linear Tube Audio will be there with at least one MicroZOTL2.0 set up. Unfortunately Mark Schneider won't be able to attend but I can, and possibly someone who actually builds the amps (I just type stuff). Looking forward to having people try out as many headphones as possible with the amp, all your hard-to-match TH-X00s and such. No, it still won't power your HE-6, but please bring anything else by to plug in. 
    Unrelated to LTA, I could also bring my Cayin C5 and JVC SZ2000s with HM5 pads for anyone interested in the most recommended basshead arrangement.  
  13. leesure
    This is shaping up nicely!  
    Spread the word!
    Just got a shipment of goodies from Audioquest for raffling off!  A couple of Jitterbugs and a Dragonfly!
    Also, EnigmaCoustics will be sending in a loaner pair of Dharma's (sorry...no raffle) for everyone to try!
  14. Amphibica
    What's the address of the meet; including ZIP (for my gps)?
  15. leesure

    403 East Walnut St.
    North Wales, PA 19454
    2nd floor. 
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