Philadelphia Area Meet, January 29, 2017 - NO Football that weekend!

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  1. kazsud
    My PS Audio PWD mkii is for sale if anyone is interested. 
    Maybe even for trade.
    I've replaced it w/ a Yggdrasil.
  2. BaronVonRhett
    I might be able to come... Need to see how my schedule pans out. I have some Sony MDR 1A if those are interesting enough.
  3. leesure
    Vendor and attendee list updated.
  4. blackwolf1006
    @leesure the guys over at comply foam tips will be sending me a few demo tips for the JH Layla and the SE846. 
  5. pfurey89

    Very excited to hear the Layla. 
    I had wrote I was bringing Vega (since sold) and 846 (also sold), I recently picked up a 64 audio u12 I'll bring instead of them, however, I just sent out this morning for a repair and may not have them in time. Here's to hoping. Will see you all there, though! 
  6. eddiek997
    I'll be bringing and external ssd drive with a selection of my test music on (flac and dsd). If anyone wants to exchange their reference recordings, let me know...
    I'll also bring a Marantz sacd player and some AIX recordings..
  7. leesure
    36 hours to go...who's psyched??
  8. erichusucks
    Sadly left my little amp at school
    BTW what's the nearest railway station? Taking septa there.
  9. leesure

    The North Wales station on the Lansdale Doylestown line is one block from the studio.
  10. gandhisfist
    Any tips for parking?
  11. kazsud
    I am!
  12. jp11801 Contributor
    from memory those with gear pull into the alley way and unload but once done need to move to the street or municipal pkg across the street. I don't recall it being a pita given the sunday meet in a business type area 
    apologies in advance if I am not recalling correctly. 
  13. doctorjazz
    Same recollection, parking across the street was easy.
  14. leesure

    Lots of free parking at the train station, one block away from the studio. You can unload and then park at the station.
  15. leesure

    Tables are all set for tomorrow!
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