Philadelphia Area Meet, January 29, 2017 - NO Football that weekend!

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  1. leesure
    What: Philly area meet (less than two hours from NYC and Baltimore and 3 hours from DC)

    When: Sunday, January 29th from 11-5-ish. This is the week between the Conf. Championships and the Super Bowl.

    Where: The Photo 2700 sq ft studio at 403 East Walnut St, North Wales, PA 19454


    Who: All y'all...of course! I'll be updating the members and vendors who are attending as I go.

    Here's a link to the last meet I held here:

    Please indicate that you're attending and what you plan to bring in the comments so we can plan accordingly with tables, chairs, food and beverage!

    Attending: (To be updated as I get RSVP's)

    leesure - Schiit Yggdrasil or VPI Prime > Woo WA22 and Ampsandsound Kenzie > ETHER/LCD-X/HE-6's
    Kazsud Pro3z DDC / PS Audio PWD mkii / Ragnarok / HD800 S
    doctorjazz MicroZOTL2, HE-1000, Pono, maybe some other toys...
    KimbaWLion Asus Xonar>Schiit Bifrost->Q-cable->Cavalli Carbon->Q-Cable
    TealRice B&O h7
    jp11801 Melco NA1 server - Yggy - Eddie Current Balancing Act (2a3/45 version) - LCD X and or Audio Technica W3000
    erichsucks Fostex Th900 with Lawton level 2 mod, Ibasso DX90 , Chord Mojo, RSA the Predator
    AuxNuke SR-007 Mk 2, Focal Elear, HiFiMan Edition X v2, Sennheiser HD 800, HD 650, AURALiC Taurus Mk II, Stax SRM-727A, Schiit Gungnir Multibit
    blackwold1006 Woo Audio WA8, AK380AMP, PICO DAC amp, AK380, AK240, HD800, LCD-XC, JH Layla, Noble K10, SE846, Weston W4r
    yashingtonDC Grado SR-80 and Wastone W20's
    JWunder Beyer T90's and whiskey!!
    jaredbidlow is a maybe
    dubblewubble HD600, Schiit Jotunheim, and possibly LCD-2's if Audeze pulls through
    gandhisfist Audio-GD NFB-27H, iBasso DX80, Audeze LCD-2F Aluminum (2016), Hifiman HE-6, HE-560, HE-500, Sennheiser HD650, HD580
    jeff7742 DT990's with T1.1 drivers, Smsl M8 dac, Smsl VA1 amp with 6 lme49990 opamps
    mondrax MDR-Z7, NWZX2 and PHA-3
    pfurey Campfire Vega, SE846, + Mojo. Bring your own tips
    mbyrneys Creative Sound Blaster X7, OP Amps swapped with Sparkos Labs SS3601s and SS3602s., AKG K702 65th Anniversary, Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6XX, Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohm, Audio Technica ATH-M50X, B&O H3, A MICROZOTL2 with upgraded LPS and tubes
    windowman. modded Audio-Gd Nfb-28 and Anedio D-2, and maybe even a PS PWT transport
    SSDIGI4me Arcam DiVA CD92 CD player, Chazz 2 from DIYHiFiSupply, driving Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 [not the current version]; Little Dot MK V, driving AKG-702.
    eddiek997 HE500's (Jergpad mod) Ether C's 1.1, B&O H7, Xaomi Pistons 2.1, Mojo, Bifrost Emotiva HPA Mini
    artur9 Maybe A Schiit UberFrost, A Schiit Mani, An SMS-200 with cheap LPS, A PSAudio LanRover.
    holomorph HD600s, V-CAN, ODAC, something like that
    coletrain184 Schiit Lyr2, Geek Pulse XFi, Sennheiser HD700, Hifiman HE-400i, Oppo PM-3.

    (33attendees so far)

    Vendors: (To be updated as I get responses)

    HeadAmp - HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE, HeadAmp GS-X MkII, HeadAmp Pico Power, STAX SR009, STAX SR007, HIFIMAN HE1000 V2, Audeze LCD4, Astell&Kern AK320, Holo Audio Spring DAC Kitsune Tuned Edition, Singxer SU-1
    Astell & Kern will be shipping some goodies in to play with.
    VPI Turntables Mat will be coming and bringing a couple of turntables...including their 'Player' which sports its own HP jack
    AudioQuest is sending in a pair each of the new NightHawk and NightOwl headphones for people to try as well as some goodies for the raffle.
    The Audio Guild will be sending in their new EMAC 535SE headphone amplifier for all to try out.
    HiFiMan Angel from HiFiMan will be bringing a load of sweet gear to try...including the new v2 versions of the Edition X and HE1000's!
    Noble Brannan is sending in some IEM's for people to try!
  2. leesure
    For those who have asked how this while thing works...

    People who are setting up gear, get there a little early if you if first come first choose, so the best spots go quickly.

    BRING EXTRA POWER STRIPS AND EXTENTION CORDS. You can never have too many and someone will forget one and be in need of borrowing.

    Don't sprawl out all over the tabe...keep it tight...lots of people need to set up.

    Bring a source! iPod, computer, CD Player, turntable, whatever.

    Label your gear! Lots of people may have the same cans or amps.

    It's nice to make up a paper listing exactly what you're showing so others don't have to ask and you'll have more freedom to wander.

    While I've never been to a meet where something was stolen, I'd rather not have my meet be the first. So be aware of your setup or ask the person next to you to keep an eye on it when you go listening or to the bathroom.

    Did I mention to bring extra power strips?

    Those of you who are coming to listen...

    We're thrilled to have you! The head-Fi community is exceptionally welcoming and willing to share. We love showing off our gear and the sound we have achieved.

    We do ask that you be courteous:

    -NEVER unplug headphones with the volume up or the source playing.

    -many of the top headphones are open back...that means we all hear your conversations while we're listening. Remember to use your 'inside voices'

    -Take a shower that morning and wash your're going to be trying on other people's headphones and others will be wearing's just commen sense and courtesy.

    -bring your favorite music on your portable audio player...but please ASK the owner of the rig to which you would like to jack in to help you make the connection rather than just unplugging their current source without asking.

    Then just have fun and enjoy the company and the sound!!
  3. kazsud
    Pro3z DDC / PS Audio PWD mkii / Ragnarok / HD800 S 
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  4. doctorjazz
    I had fun there last year, will try to make it (hard to be sure 4 months in advance)
    Gear is in flux, but will likely bring MicroZOTL2, HE-1000, Pono, maybe some other toys...
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  5. Packgrog
    I'm in!
  6. KimbaWLion
    Do my Best to there and the last one was a BLAST! [​IMG]
    Equipment list in the signature...
  7. ZeosPantera
    It's a short trip for me. I'm down. Not sure what will be around come January but it will be attending.
  8. TealRice
    I live right in hatfield, I don't have anything except the B&O h7, and soon the kanoa wireless buds
  9. leesure
    Very cool to see the list begin to fill in! Looking forward to a great event!
  10. jp11801 Contributor
    I will attend, just not sure what will be on the gear list that far out, thanks for organizing this I loved the last one and the space is fantastic! 
  11. kazsud
    Bring the 2A3!!
  12. Packgrog
    Man oh man, as much as I'd love to hear the Prime (and weep afterward at my inability to buy one), I a little more more curious about the VPI Player. Any chance Mat might loan you one for demoing at the meet (or just show up himself)? The Head-Fi crew is certainly the right target for it, after all. Assuming anyone would find it useful, I could bring an audio interface, do some recordings between whatever decks you brought, and allow people better A/B comparison between them. I'd be too nervous to bring my turntable to such an event, but my Denons, various iBasso DAC/amps, and even my Nova Phonomena phono preamp would be easy enough to bring over if there's any interest at all.
  13. xeph11
    Im in, will be my very first meet. I don't really have anything worth bringing though
  14. erichusucks
    I'm in! 
    Fostex Th900 with Lawton level 2 mod
    Ibasso DX90 
    Chord Mojo
    RSA the Predator
    Nothing good though :^(
  15. Packgrog
    Seems pretty freakin' good to me! Puts my gear to shame! :)
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