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phatlab Sassy2 Hybrid Portable Headphone Amplifier impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by crabdog, Mar 14, 2017.
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  1. paradisle
    I was looking at the pics on a browser at work and I think it blocks the pics there which is I why i thought they were not showing up. The pics are of the Sassy II. Kinda spoiled by the Sassy II, not sure the regular Sassy would cut it for me despite it being a great amp in its own right.
  2. paradisle
    Thanks for the heads-up on re-posting in that forum also! I went ahead and did as you recommended! :)
  3. crabdog
    Great stuff, thanks!
  4. Bengkia369

    The price does make sense once you listen to Phatlab Phantasy.
    Actually I'm looking for a portable high-end tube amp and was looking at Woo Audio Wa8, had a listen to it for close to an hour to get used to the sound but I don't like how Wa8 sound - way too forward and the vocals tends to shout onto my face! Seriously I don't know why so many rave about Wa8. Also 4 hours battery life totally shut off the deal for me.
    Phatlab Phantasy on other hand sounds smooth and full bodied with slightly laid back mids, layering is amazing. Sennheiser HD800, HD650, HD650, Grado GS1k, Grado PS500 all sounds excellent on the Phantasy!
  5. RuFrost
    Guys, is it ok, when the switching between high and low gain on Phatlab Sassy GT is loud, very sensible?
  6. crabdog
    It should be fine. Are you using a very sensitive IEM when it happens? If you're worried about it you can always unplug your earphone for a second while you switch the gain.
    RuFrost likes this.
  7. RuFrost
    It is loud even with Beyerdynamics 990 or SOUNDWARRIOR SW-HP20.(
    But that's fine. I just wanted to make sure that I'm not alone))
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  8. fuhransahis
    Just ordered a Sassy GT! Hoping they pair well with the ZMF Auteur. Anyone know if the tubes are replaceable or what their life expectancy is?
  9. crabdog
    Wow, haven't seen action in this thread for a while. Not sure about the life expectancy of the tubes but mine are still going strong. Hmmm, need to give it some love. I just realized I haven't even tried my Sundara with it yet. Shame on me!
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  10. fuhransahis
    For sure! Seems like a great product - shame there isn't more feedback on it. Was able to get the GT used at a great price. Had been looking for a great portable tube amp to use with over ears, hard to drive ones included, and this seems to fit the bill! Can't wait to receive it :L3000:
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  11. EagleWings
    Hey guys, posting this question here, as I don’t see a dedicated thread for Phantasy. One of the biggest complaints about the Phantasy 1 was the microphonics. Now I see a Phantasy 2. Have any of you, or any of your friends tried it to comment on the microphonics on the new version?
  12. crabdog
    Sadly haven't heard the old or new Phantasy. I still love my Sassy 2 but I do wish it had a balanced output.
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  13. gr8soundz
    Phantasy II now has a 4.4mm output but only SE input so not fully balanced.
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  14. EagleWings
    While Phantasy II is a SE amp and its 4.4mm is SE, the input does not determine if the amp is SE or Bal. It comes down to the circuit. A differential (balanced) amp can take a SE signal and output a Bal signal.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  15. gr8soundz
    True. I have a couple of amps with that ability. I only meant the Phantasy II isn't 100% differential (unlike ALO's CDM or my Oriolus BA-10 with fully balanced 6-pin input and a 2.5mm output).

    Also, there are SE only amps with balanced outputs for convenience like the Eleven XI Audio Broadway S or the Cavalli CTH on Massdrop. Hopefully we'll find out if the Phantasy II is similar or if it uses some kind of inverter or phase-splitter.
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