phatlab Sassy2 Hybrid Portable Headphone Amplifier impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by crabdog, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Aradea
    Small note from me regarding comparisons to ALO Cont v5. I've heard the v5 but unfortunately have not heard the Sassys (1st or 2nd one). But I do own a Phantasy..

    When I heard the v5, it was with my Noble Savants. First of all it is a good amp for IEMs, I honestly dont think that it will drive full sized headphones quite well.
    The v5 is not tubey, it just has that little tube warmth but I was not hearing any wow factor from it.
    I'd bet the Sassy would be a much better amp
  2. MTMECraig
    IMG_7076.JPG Stay sassy Y'all! I'm listening to "Vogue" by Madonna with the Phatlab Sassy 2 right now with HD 800. Really legit I have to say! (Don't hate btw on song choice :) )I wish more people knew about this unit... We have that and also the PHAntasy here in shop for demo. I am going to be giving the PHAntasy a shot here in a minute. If your in PA then check our shop out and hear it for your self. Not sure how many of these units we have left? PM me if anyone is interested!
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  3. MTMECraig
    I talked to MTMETim to get some "new" stuff put on our website. We are all Sassed up now on the MTMEwebsite ha. We are also having a big meet coming up on July 22nd. I am going to make sure the attendees gets a chance to drive the Sassy II for them self. I love hearing peoples opinion of it before and after listening. All is welcome to come btw. Feel free to bring your own gear as well to compare.
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  4. crabdog
    Great to see some love for the Sassy! How did you like the Phantasy btw?
  5. MTMECraig
    You know I didn't get enough time with it yet! Been real busy so I haven't had the chance. Still plan on getting back to it though
  6. Aradea

    Can the phantasy be used while being charged?
    I've emailed phatlab to ask about this but havent received a reply for quite a while
  7. crabdog
    You can with the Sassy. I don't see why the Phantasy would be any different.
  8. Aradea

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