PETEREK (formerly cCasperTFG) MOD & Cable Thread

  1. phase0
    Yea IIRC Peterek had issues w/ new kid etc and has a lot going on in his personal/family life. I also keep hearing he's more responsive if you ping him on Etsy. I'm happy w/ my Denon mod. It looks like expert work. So for me he's was worth the wait. I just waited a month to get some new custom IEM (not from Peterek). The wait sucks. Hang in there.
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  2. buldogge
    ^^^I tried Etsy messaging and got no response (been weeks)...

    ...bummer, because he does amazing work...Would love to have detachable balanced cable set-up for my T90s.

    -Mark in St. Louis
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You live kinda close so there's that (good thing) I expect he is really busy or just try again. The guy is this sites master craftsman. Best around.
  4. buldogge
    Brandon reached out to me on Etsy, after seeing my above T90s are now on the way to him! :metal::metal:

    -Mark in St. Louis
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