PETEREK (formerly cCasperTFG) MOD & Cable Thread

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  1. phase0
    Yea IIRC Peterek had issues w/ new kid etc and has a lot going on in his personal/family life. I also keep hearing he's more responsive if you ping him on Etsy. I'm happy w/ my Denon mod. It looks like expert work. So for me he's was worth the wait. I just waited a month to get some new custom IEM (not from Peterek). The wait sucks. Hang in there.
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  2. buldogge
    ^^^I tried Etsy messaging and got no response (been weeks)...

    ...bummer, because he does amazing work...Would love to have detachable balanced cable set-up for my T90s.

    -Mark in St. Louis
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You live kinda close so there's that (good thing) I expect he is really busy or just try again. The guy is this sites master craftsman. Best around.
  4. buldogge
    Brandon reached out to me on Etsy, after seeing my above T90s are now on the way to him! :metal::metal:

    -Mark in St. Louis
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  5. buldogge
    Got my dual-entry T90s back from Brandon today...

    As expected, excellent work...he even sent a nice surprise to "make up" for the long wait.

    No news here...but...excellent contributor to this forum and our hobby!

    Needless to say...recommended.

    -Mark in St. Louis
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  6. MrMan
    I would have ripped him a new one. That peterek guy is a piece of ****! he makes people wait forever and then ... hahha Nah I love peterek. I met the guy in person and hung out with him for a couple of days and hes a really good person. He tries hard to do all the orders but with as many as he has, his full time job and his family its hard to get them done.
  7. Trastan
    I had work done on two of my headphones in 2015: TH900 (reterminated with balanced plug and converter back to 1/4) and LCD-X (entirely new cable). Both have held up perfectly, and have been a joy to use since. At this point no further praise needs to be added, but I had to come back to say that the work done by @PETEREK is both beautiful AND built to last.

    Thanks again.

  8. cute
    Is there a fix for EMU Teak removable cable version that has an intermittent connection on the left side, and cable doesn't click in like the right side? I reversed the leads l and r, so cable doesn't appear to be the problem. Maybe a different cable that has a tighter fit than the stock cable, or maybe different connectors! Could use some help to solve this!
  9. damex
    who needs a dt1770 when dt770 wins hands down over them?

    awesome work as always :)

    1 - QlXar2B.jpg 3 - mXiUBUh.jpg 2 - pJeKlrp.jpg 7 - cAv1pvi.jpg 5 - 3hB4Eht.jpg 6 - K96Iv65.jpg 4 - rDlkCKd.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  10. damex
    also some old cable (1.5y+ as far as i can tell)... had to carefully chop over-ear-hook off to use with Sony N3AP.

    quality? durability? someone should just look at how this things age. barely noticeable use marks.

    10/10 would order again (actually trying to do that again!)

    qgzS6kbzS5O0iWZtmssOZw.jpg Pz7VmCltRnqPGHsL5j9Fww.jpg annrs0WLSQ23w9+EvUllpg.jpg
  11. Paul Graham
    If you look at the Senngrado build in my sig you'll see a very nice cable he made for me a little while back. Its held up very well and performs beautifully :) Here it is before soldering to the drivers.

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
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  12. uniman4
    Think this maybe my first post? Anyways, thanks to all of you for leading me in the right direction. I can attest that Peterek is going strong and is the man. Had my BeyerD's rendered useless because of the dreaded 3.5 connection. Loved the phones, can't throw em away, they werent cheap. What to do? Exactly what i did!

    Hit up etsy and reached out. What a wonderful guy first and foremost, which is why he is so successful. Sent him out my phones, got em back a few days later. Was like a kid in the candy shop. Phenomenal work & craftsmanship. Almost unbelievable really. Worth every penny.

    Told him i will recommend him anywhere and everywhere. So, that is exactly what i'm doing. He's definitely the man.

    That being said, i did warm him he might want to be careful out there, surprised beyerdynamic hasn't hired a hitman or something to try to take him out. I suggested settling for 10 million to promise to shut down the business. Then, just open back up under a different name & ip address or something. ha

    GIVE HIM YOUR PHONES BIZ GENTLEMEN, no other way to do it, plain and simple.
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  13. damex

    does anyone know any other way to contact @PETEREK ?

    no replies over Etsy for now.
    i received order yesterday and contacted straight away. i have some issues and would like to get them resolved.
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  14. MrMan
    Calm down. People do have lives. Keep in mind peterek has a full time job, has a family and is doing this on the side. The guy works 12 hour days. Chances are he probably got home yesterday, went to bed and woke up for work again.
  15. damex
    Whoa... 12h? That is crazy.
    Anyway he contacted me back on Etsy.
    Things are getting solved.
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