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Perun electrostatic headphone impressions

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by thinker, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. thinker
    I'm always looking for new stat phones and found that in Russia they are manufacturing excellent electrostatic headphones wich reach TOTL status.One example is Phenomenon Libratum and Canorum with new V3 drivers, both are at least in my opinion better than any Stax out there, of course Stax mafia doesn't agree with this. Recently i found another brand Perun wich have two models one bass heavy and one "normal".They are made in Yalta a diy project .

    DIY Perun headphone has been around for about 10 years ,and this is the latest incarnation of it.I have followed the development of this phone on the russian forum for years and unfortunately the thread where it was introduced was deleted.This phone has gone through many stages and many prototypes ,even tens of different pads were tested.Every corner of this phone has been investigated to reach best possible performance.In it's latest version wich is the last and final version is comparable to the best stat phones around,many prefer these over Orpheus and SR-009.The driver is about 50% larger than 009 and is very efficient and easy to drive.This DIY project has gone now commercial http://perun.prfi.ru/.

    So I got recently the Perun headphone and gave some "run in" hours. The looks is great,this is truly the electrostatic Grado very lightweight and comfortable.So far it's sounding very promising ,quite neutral with old Stax Omega 1 "touch" on it with similar soundstaging and imaging maybe with cleaner midrange.It's quite neutral and "naturally" detailed where i consider 009 to be neutral but unnaturally detailed.Perun has a very quite background and somebody may think it's dark sounding but it's not .I can hear a bit of old school Stax sound here (Sigma) but way more dynamics

    First hour of listening says that we are dealing here with a world class sounding headphone .

    The midrange is likely the best i have heard from any stat before,it's huge,very musical,voices like female vocals are stunning,the sound is BIG / transparent and envolving,but it isn't euphonic it remains still neutral and balanced.Perun has warmish tonality quite different overall than any Stax maybe towards HE-90 but it has it's own sound wich is very compelling.

    Was fiddling with the drivers and headband i don't know which way i should have to use them but tested vice versa and ended to find out that it has significant impact in sound quality how to use them.

    The sensitivity is close to Lambda models with means these are easy to drive.The construction is very comfortable / softish and very lightweight so you can spend many hours with them.Bass is on the level of better Lambdas and highs are smooth and detailed and never tend to harshness.I find that best sound level to drive these headphones are lower volume to average volume, i would not drive these phones on high levels ,not needed,Peruns are likely best with classical/vocals ambient ECM jazz recordings.

    The transaction from Russia to EU was smooth with great communication and zero problems .The asking price 1000 USD is very low considering build quality and performance.

    peru2.jpg peru3.jpg
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  2. thinker
    One week now with Perun and i come to a final conclusion that this is probably one of the finest sounding electrostatic headphone on the current market.Why?

    I use this headphone with SRM-007II and it works fine because the Perun is very easy to drive and some synergy exists.

    1.The Perun is comfortable and very lightweight and should match on everyones head.
    2.Very easy and natural sound without any hint of artificiality and is excellent on classical chamber as well as Pop.
    3.Soundstage excellent not overly expanded just right L to R imaging as well as front imaging makes a right triangle
    4.Highs never strident but detailed and fleshed out.
    5.The sound is meaty against Staxes and instruments have natural roundness not sharp as many phones present it.
    6.Layering and space around instruments is excellent
    7.Positioning of instruments good and not unnaturally separated so the feeling of naturalness stays.
    8.The Perun is not diffuse or hollow
    9.Very musical and easy to listen for hours
    10.Bass is enough and complites the nice balanced sound picture
    11.The Perun is very very liquid and cymbals delay appear without ending and you hear the difference between drumhead materials skin or kevlar (wich makes it very natural)
    12.Price is 1K
    and final you need a good source for Peruns
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  3. LaCuffia
    Is there a wait period for orders to the US? That price is not bad but wondering what would be the most economical pairing in terms of the Stax driver units.

    Would also be interested in a comparison with the Phenomenon Canorum. They seem to have a more sophisticated production but probably more expensive.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  4. thinker
    Probably wait period for Perun is 3-4 weeks.I don't want to compare Canorum to Perun they are quite different,the Canorum needs a lot more power and sounds in comparison a little bit like a closed phone.

    The Perun is a lot more better phone than people might think ,in comparison all Staxes sound thin,the Perun is fat big sounding like HE-90 and if you add a tube amp the sound is very close to combo like HEV-90-HE-90,
    When i got the phone i wasn't sure what i hear ,the midrange was slightly forward,i don't know but now it sounds deep,maybe break in time or something else.The sound is very relaxed still quite dynamic,fast
    with excellent Prat.The Perun has one of the sweetest and clearest midrange i know , tested the bass yesterday it is deeper than HD-800 but not planar deep but close to 009.For 1K the price is a joke.
    If somebody likes to buy this phone it deserves the best pairing although it's already fine with something like 353X.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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  5. Dexon
    Do you know how much they weigh? Can you tell us a bit about ergonomics in general? Tnx.
  6. thinker
    The weight feels like HD-800 cannot measure it and ergonomics like Grado GS1K the same feeling on head and not much adjustment to do because of simple design.
    The wooden finish and the natural approach in design to achieve great sound is interesting ,the Perun is like a tuned instrument.I ordered also the Perun amp just for curiosity,
    i will report back how they sound together.
  7. LaCuffia
    I can't tell but it seems that one has velour pads and the other leather? Which one did you purchase?

    Is there an email address to contact them for more information? I only see order confirmations.
  8. thinker
    I got velour pads and they feel very soft.They are made in Yalta by somebody? ,shipment goes from Yalta to Bryansk where they check that everything is ok (double checked ?)
    Email adress is olikov@mail.ru and receiver is named Arthur, this guy is very informative and explains everything for you.
  9. bidn
    Thank you, thinker, this is very interesting.
    Could you please give some comparative impressions re. the level of details, e.g. compared to the Utopia?
  10. knopi
    Looks very interesting, though I do not have electrostatic system. But from google picture pads of the Perun looks like weak point which is shame but maybe there are more pads options.
  11. thinker
    Cannot because i haven't heard Utopia,it would be difficult anyway because we are comparing electrostatic to dynamic.

    Did a mystic photo of Perun wich relates to it's heritage

    perun mystic.jpg
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  12. bidn
    Would it then be possible for you to compare its level of detail to a SR-007, a SR-009 , a L700?
  13. thinker
    I think we have to separate transparency and details.A transparent headphone is not nessessary detailed and a detailed phone is often not transparent.The 009 is quite good on both.
    Then we have micro /plankton details and macro details where the 009 presents excellent plankton as well as the 007 on midrange.Does a phone present details on the whole spectrum?
    007 does it mostly in the midrange and 009 almost on the whole spectrum.The original Omega 1 does mid-details on the whole spectrum but not so much plankton .I would say Perun
    is a mid-detailed on the whole spectrum like Omega 1 still being fluid and transparent like the original Omega.The Lambda signature is very transparent and open but it does not include the macrodynamics details wich are
    presented on newer models and keeps it sounding thin.The Perun ,at least i think so :), that PERUN need burn in time,i have the feeling that it develops somehow,i hope it's not imagination or
    psychol. adjustment.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  14. seaice
    What about Phenomenon vs Perun?

    And what amp have you tested the Perun with? Does Perun scale with amp quality?

    I have been considering a Phenomenon for some time and just found your Perun thread :) A strong temptation and urge of curiosity again. So thank you :) I use mostly 009 with KGSSHV Carbon at the moment. I have 007 and L700 as well but 009 are my favourite.
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  15. thinker
    My answer to this Perun vs. Phenomenon question is the same as old time vs.modern time.The Phenomenon presents the direction of modern phones like 009,The Libratum with 009 pads wich is a significant upgrade to stock pads is in my opinion slightly above 009 as a whole.The Libratum needs a strong amp to show it's potential and Carbon amp has enough of it.Libratum is very musical and emotional phone and this is the main difference to 009.Bass on Libratum is solid and deep ,i think Zoltan described the Libratum already on the other thread quite well.

    Perun is back to old times like Omega 1 wich many prefer .Too much plankton in my opinion is not nessessary to achieve nirvana,He-90 does not have plankton and either do Omega1 have it,still they are considered legendary phones.I think mid-details with fluidity and transparency is a key /concesus that your mind can be in a relaxed state,plankton may pay attention too much from the actual whole of presentation.Phenomenon and Perun are low priced phones and i like to own both of them.Phenomenon is science based company and any upgrades from driver to another if free and just shipping cost must be paid .Both companies are serious and reliable.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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