Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be

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  1. QuadraKev
    I got some Comply tips for my Titaniums, and I gotta say, they are a huge improvement over the silicone tips in terms of comfort. I feel like they're a bit bassier with the foam tips too, maybe because of better seal.
  2. RollsDownWindowsManually
    Just got the MandarinE's Symbio Hybirid Wide bore tips for my Be's and they're the best tip I've tried so far. They have the sound and fit security of spiral dots with superior comfort and slightly better isolation. I just wore them continuously on a flight from Chicago to Austin (~3 hours) and never felt the need to take them out, which was great because there was an infant directly behind me.
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  3. Kundi
    I'm curious if you ordered the sybmio tips during the Black Friday sale? I ordered on BF, but i'm still waiting for them.
  4. RollsDownWindowsManually
    I ordered mine Nov 27th and they arrived about 2 weeks ago, in Texas USA.
  5. HiFlight
    I am pleased to join the Periodic family of users! I have just acquired a Be and find it to be a fine performer. I am almost embarrassed to admit that it sounds more lifelike than many phones I have previously purchased for *FAR* greater cost! I find that for me, the UE900 large tips (green core) work best both for fit and for sound. I really look forward to exploring the capabilities of this remarkable phone!
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  6. HiFlight
    While I am really enjoying my Be, I also found the lack of identification between the L & R earpieces to be a minor annoyance as well as the lack of a chin slider. Below is my totally reversable solution to both: A very small O-ring that I slid onto one earpiece after removing the tip and a small length of spring snipped from a ball-point pen spring. I then threaded each cable through the spring one at a time. The spring slides easily but holds a given position quite well.
    Cost: 4 cents for the O-ring and one discarded ball-point pen!
    Periodic Be Mod.jpg
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  7. Roscoeiii
    Great idea. Lack of clear L and R is my biggest complaint about the Be
  8. cocolinho
    how is the comfort with these BE? not too heavy?
  9. ribosradagast
    they're very very light, almost to the point of feeling inconsequential in-hand, and forgettable in the ear
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  10. Roscoeiii
    Agree, the weight is very negligible for me. Very nice and lightweight due to the plastic body. You can really forget they are there. Actually forgot they were there yesterday after the music had ended. I'd been walking around with them in for an additional 20-30 min or so.
  11. DanWiggins
    Each IEM weighs approximately 2.87 grams; the cable adds another 3.15 grams. Weight is the number one source of physical ear discomfort over time, so we strive for extreme light weight and use different materials and shape optimization to provide the rigidity needed for correct audio reproduction.
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  12. Kundi
    Any more Be's through the website or only through distributors?
  13. DanWiggins
    We have B stock still (a few left), but most of our dealers have new stock on-line. We'd prefer if you buy from the guys who keep this industry rolling, the independent dealers and distributors worldwide.
  14. Roscoeiii
    IIRC, it was mentioned earlier that distributors get priority over web stock. Doing good by their retailers!
  15. Kundi
    I was asking as i didnt see any distributors in Canada. Thanks for the information.
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