Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be

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  1. michsu
    My phone is a Iphone 7 Plus; I don't know if that matters or not. When I plug it in, it has pretty good bass and sounds, but they tend to be on the "low" side? Maybe I can't explain it properly.. it takes a lot of volume to sound good.. and then there is still no bass; For $300 for the Mojo, it seems to be a better deal; I guess I need something to increase the sound.. they don't sound loud enough even with a high volume. Thank you.
  2. RollsDownWindowsManually
    Just got a set of B-stock Mg IEM's to complement my Be's. Initial impressions are that they're pretty good for the money. A little less sub-bass than the Be, and a little brighter. Maybe little rougher and slightly honkier in the mids with more prounonced upper treble. A little hazier on vocals with reduced clarity overall. They're really good for the price and I plan to use them in situations where I don't want to risk a $300 IEM being damaged, yard work, etc. Really early impressions though. I'd say it's 75% of the Be for 30% of the price, and in noisy environments the difference might not be that huge because of the interference from the outside world. These would make great stocking stuffers for anyone who likes music.
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  3. Roscoeiii
    Gotta say, I'm still surprised about what you are writing about the Be. I really think something else is going on here. You shouldn't need an amp or EQ to get good bass (unless you are a BIG basshead who wants a very elevated bass freq response!). But you should be able to drive the Be to high levels from your phone.

    As I said before, my first guess is that you aren't getting a good seal. Otherwise, there may be a problem with your pair of Be. Maybe check with whoever you bought them from?

    I'd also try them out on another source like your computer or a friend's phone.

    Your experiences are leaving me mystified. As Periodic themselves said, these are phones that are easy to drive. I really doubt amps are your solution.
  4. episiarch Contributor
    I agree with @Roscoeiii. I think you probably are not getting a good seal, and I would recommend you experiment with eartips to try to resolve that. I would also say it could help to ask someone else to listen to your Be and try different eartips as well; since their ear canals will be slightly differently shaped, if they hear the bass and general sound quality that is lacking for you, then that could help determine whether searching further afield for suitable eartips would help you, or whether the problem is with your Be itself.

    From an iPhone with lightning-to-headphone adaptor, my Be is plenty bassy. It does not have the level of impact or "slam" that it has when amped, but nonetheless my experience is nothing at all like "it takes a lot of volume to sound good.. and then there is still no bass". I truly believe that if you really are not getting bass from the Be + lightning-adaptor combination, then an amp will not help.
  5. episiarch Contributor
    I have Mg + Be also, and I agree that Mg is a tremendous bargain (at full price as well as at the utterly fantastic blemished price). A great gift for oneself or for anyone you think might appreciate a fantastically good earphone that is easy to drive yet reveals even more quality when driven with a good amp/DAC.

    In fact for my tastes (which my sig reveals — I love Etymotics for example) I think I somewhat prefer the Mg. To my ears the Be is slightly too bass-heavy and slightly mids/treble-shy, though I love what it brings to music when connected to a good system.
  6. bionicman

    I've said it once and I'll say it again, the JDS Labs O2 amp and DAC pair beautifully with the BE's. You won't find a better desktop pairing for the BE's at this price.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  7. michsu
    Thank you guys.. sorry for all the trouble.. I'll try some spiral dots and Shure olives first.. supposedly I read they are very good.. thanks
  8. ribosradagast
    Does anyone else have the same issue that I do? Basically I can't connect any of the foam or smaller silicon or triple flange ear tips because their bores are laughably too small.

    In the attached picture, you can see the small size on the left and the regular / large size on the right 20171130_154911.jpg
  9. Rick T.

    They will attach.. You just have to force fit them though. I was succesful on mine before.
  10. michsu
    Well, I did figure out some things.. when the earbuds came, the tips weren't pushed all the way in.. so I thought that's how they were supposed to be.. once pushed in, the sound didn't leak as much and the bass improved (rumble sound.. I keep saying bass, but the rumble sound sounded better).. I did however still get an amp.. the RHA Dacamp L1.. for $299.. that's an ok price for it I think.. it's got some good reviews from many places, and the tonality score is 8.5 from Headfonics.. higher than even O2, Fiio, Peachtree, and the Ibasso even.. and supposedly very clean and articulate.. sounds very similar to the Chord Mojo, but at half the price...everything has problems, so I'll leave it at that..

    I am also considering the "black dragon" cables from Moon Audio.. are they any good? Do they actually make a difference? The amp is arriving tomorrow, so I'll listen in on that to see whether or not to get "black dragon" or "silver dragon".. I think the highs could be improved upon more than the bass now? Thanks for any recommendations or comments.
  11. Roscoeiii
    Until you have tips and seal figured out, amps and cables should be completely unnecessary. Freq response should seem normal and fine put of any phone. Amp and cables are much more subtle tweaks.
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  12. michsu
    From the iPhone, everything sounded better but still sounded too small.. from the computer, is Even worse because sound card at work is motherboard based.. the RHA amp can act like a USB sound card so that's good.. maybe I'm used to playing through the car so the bass rumble sounds really good.. so no one else used amps with these? I thought an amp would improve the sound a bit.. just like the person with the O2 amp.. he said the bass increases and everything sounded better..
  13. ribosradagast
    From experience I can say that the BE sounds "disappointing" straight from my Samsung Galaxy S7. I demoed them originally with my Oppo HA-2 amp and they sounded glorious then, and it's really a night and day difference to my ears
  14. datranz
    I only amp when I’m in the mood to break something. It will get loud quickly, at loud volumes, you will be more engage into the music. I’m wondering what kind of music do you listen to? For edm, there are others that better, for vocals, rocks, and metals, these are as good as you can get.
  15. ribosradagast
    I agree with this, I have a pair of the Complys and tried them on with the Be, and it just sounds "muffled". I like the silicon Large earpieces the best in terms of SQ, though they're a bit too big for my ear holes I think - like there's pressure on the inside when they're inserted.
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