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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. mochill
    Stock eartips , with everything. All my music sounds like I'm hearing them for the first time
  2. HiFlight
    Me too!
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  3. mashuto
    Count me in for the carbon love. They sound wonderful. nice pairing with the nickel both in terms of sound and portability. Currently settled on spinfit cp155, super super comfortable too.
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  4. DanWiggins
    Gahh! Contact our support team - we'll get those double flange tips right out to you! What size do you like?
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  5. DanWiggins
    We thought about that - but user testing showed most people ended up putting the phone and Nickel into a pocket together and just enjoying. Having a band makes it a thicker "brick", and didn't lay as nice in the pocket, so a majority actually preferred it without - especially given the extreme light weight of Nickel (it is about 20 grams - around 2/3rds of an ounce).

    Another option is some microsuction material. It's available with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on one side, so you can put that side on Nickel. Then press the other side against your phone and it will stick. It can be peeled off your phone as well. And you don't have a band crossing/covering your screen.
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  6. josesol07
    @DanWiggins, that´s a fantastic idea. will check on availability at Amazon. Thank you.

    I am realizing how picky are the BE´s in terms of eartips selection. So far, from the stock set, silicone double-flanged gives the best fit and sound, second place for Kz´s Starline.
    None of the foam works for me, even the smallest size is too thick, and does not provide a good seal. Tried again Final E tips and the sound was so dull I got scared!! I literally killed sounds above 8 Khz. Will check on Spinfit.
    cheers, Jose
  7. spooled180
    That sounds great I will contact them. Play it safe with a medium. I'm in-between m-l go figure lol.. thanks again Dan.
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  8. Blazer39
    have anyone tried the Be or Mg with Fiio players?!
    i wounder if they have good synergy(specifically fiio M7)
  9. Dobrescu George
    Yes, and yes they do have good synergy :)
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  10. josesol07
    The BEs scales really well with an amp. I rescued the oldie and the only amp I have, the Ibasso Mamba D4, which is about the same size as Cayin N3, but the combo felt heavy, adding 130 grams. Not to mention Ibasso amp works with 9 volts batteries. !!!
    Now I understand the portability convenience of the Nickels, almost weightless at 30 grs and such a small size. Still, I appreciate @DanWiggins´ recommendation of the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. I guess will patiently wait for a blemished Nickel.
    On another topic, is there a time frame for the cable retrofit?
    cheers, Jose
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  11. BaconWithThat
    Hi All, I'm a semi-noob here. I've had my BE's for about a year and still love them as much as day one. I just saw Periodic is offering 40% off new products for Labor Day, and I'm thinking about the Ni amp. I have been running my BEs direct from my iPhone and my volume rarely goes above 40%. Can anyone tell me what I stand to gain by adding an amp?
  12. fericske
    Tightness, speed, accuracy, details, stage.
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  13. JP the Elder

    I enjoy both the Be and the Carbon with my iPhone, iPad, or Chord Hugo2. The Hugo2 never leaves the house. I am very glad I tried the Nickel with the iPhone and iPad because, in summary, it gave me “more.”

    More detail, more instrument separation, more dynamics, more clarity, more musicality, more emotional envolvement. I wished there had been a Nickel back when I had a train commute every day.

    The Nickel also worked its magic with my full size over ear closed back modded Fostex 900s.

    I never knew my iPhone or iPad could sound so good. (The Hugo2 still sounds better.)
  14. BaconWithThat
    I wish I had a place locally where I could try the Ni and compare to the vanilla iPhone. Maybe I wait till next year's Axpona.
  15. rd5rdm
    As a reference wrt my music preference, I have had experience with Final Audio E3000, Ibasso IT01 and P7 wireless. In terms of sound signature I have liked P7 > IT01 > E3000.

    3000 - I felt bit muddy, lacking instrument separation.
    IT01 - was good (nothing upsetting) but had comfort issues. I feel straight down iems are be better choice comfort wise for me.
    P7 wireless (in both wireless and wired modes) - is the best sound signature I have experience so far except the bass is more than I prefer. So I end up EQing it down a bit. Given what I read online and my personal experience, I felt Be's would be a great fit.

    I recently purchased 'be' blemished version from periodic audio. Seriously, I can't tell what's wrong with them physically. But I feel low end lacking significantly (and I am not a bass head). I have tried all kinds of tips and even had them put through Jlab burn in track on sound cloud for about 100 hrs. Am I missing anything. I have looked at reviews and graphs and didn't expect it to lack in low end to my liking. I am using Iphone 8plus with apple audio adaptor which per the reviews are quite good and clean source for driving iems. I listen to mostly online music (320 kbps)

    Should I do more burn in ? Some reviews mentioned over 200 hrs of burn-in but I am not too much of a believe of iems needs that much time to get better, atleast scientifically.

    Any suggestions are welcome. I want to like these iem's since they are sooo comfortable and do well in other freq range.
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