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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Blazer39
    no i don't listen at maximum volume, but pretty close to that.

    i got the M7 instead of M6 because i don't need WiFi or streaming,plus M7 battery seems better based on my research, and more neutral sounding of the two, also maybe more soundstage too?
    anyway..took advantage of massdrop 130$ price and bought it.
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  2. spooled180
    The Cayin N3 should have no problem pushing the Be. It's plenty for my Carbon with it on lo gain.
  3. josesol07
    Any discomfort using Be´s laying on the bed on your side? Does it protrude a lot?
  4. HiFlight
    I have no difficulty lying on my side with them in place. If I lay my hand across my ear, the end barely touches my palm.
  5. DanWiggins
    You know, I think we need an exhaustive test of the qualities of different pillows on bedtime listening. Then we can start an industry for audiophile pillows!
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  6. ribosradagast
    You know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's already a thing!
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  7. DanWiggins
    Well now... I wonder which pillow is high-res or MQA licensed! :)
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  8. josesol07
    Well, I just pulled the trigger on Be´s. Thank you all for the info/feedback to my inquiries.
    I do hope they do better than Ibasso It01 :pray:. Now a long wait for my forwarder in Florida to receive it and ship it down to South America.
  9. PaganDL

    Hi @josesol07,

    As the saying goes, different kettle, different fish...or words to that effect, anyway, personally & subjectively, I wouldn't & don't compare Be with IT 01 or any other IEM for that matter, they do different things sonically so depends what you like in sound overall.
    Though I am curious what you mean by do better than IT 01', what is wrong with IT 01?
    I am probably biased as I like both though don't own Be yet due to exchange rate &/or local pricing but nevertheless continue to recommend them.
    I do have C though I like that more due a more balanced sound though your mileage will certainly vary.

    Either way, you can't go wrong & I am sure you will enjoy the Be.

    Hope you have a great day !
  10. josesol07
    Hi @PaganDL, if Be´s presents a more forward and clearer midrange (vocals), and the treble is less grainy than IT01´s I will be a happy camper.
    Having a better fit with Be´s will certainly be a big plus for me.
    Very intrigued to try the Berylium sound for once, and the great rebate on the Blemished blowout was hard to ignore.
    So far Periodic Audio customer service has been top-notch so far; hope Be´s SQ is on par.
  11. DanWiggins
    A dozen major awards (and plenty more smaller ones) and lots of happy folks here and elsewhere - the SQ will be on-par...:wink:
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  12. PaganDL

    Hi @josesol07,

    Sound is highly subjective & will depend on your preferences, source, souce quality as well as mood.
    Not to mention fit & ear & canal shape is a significant factor.

    Personally & subjectively, both Be & IT 01 do their own thing, with good natural emphasis in the mids & highs on both, neither is grainy, especially in the latter so it really all depends on what you can hear & what your source can convey.
    If the track has the relevant info in the frequency response & is recorded well, both IEMs will provide accurate details.

    As already stated, Be SQ is really good so I wouldn't be concerned.

    I definitely agree @DanWiggins & the Periodic Audio team provide fantastic customer service.
  13. josesol07
    Yes, add to those factors that I still I am learning what sound signature and attributes I like the most.
    No matter how many reviews/impressions I read, at the end of the day, my ears have the final verdict
    then again, with so many new models flooding the market every day, this forum helps me somehow what to discard.
    so far there have been more hits than miss.
    Am not the lucky one who can listen before purchasing, so I am learning to be patient, not to hurry to buy the newest hyped IEM, and read as many reviews as possible.
    Regarding the Be, at the very least, want to know how beryllium sounds, I like the form factor, don´t mind the fixed cable, and reviews are very promising.
    I don´t expect TOTL level, but a balanced, with extended bass, clear mids and highs, and good instrument separation; but most importantly, with a correct timbre and engaging sound.
    Am I asking too much? time will tell.
    Later on, will either get an amp for Cayin N3 or upgrade to something like Fiio M11. I am not too much into DAPS/ amps right now.
    At this moment, rather try to find IEMs that are to my liking, and later go for the fine-tuning with sources (synergy)
    BTW, it took only 2 days to get the Be´s from California to my forwarder in Florida, so it might take about a week until I get them at home.
    Great service Periodic Audio
    cheers, Jose
  14. spooled180
    Anyone else have trouble registering their iems on the site? I have tried for multiple days with a continued error. I just want to make sure I don't lose my warranty.
    I PMed Dan and he has not responded and was on days after the pm was sent.
  15. DanWiggins
    I will have our web guy immediately check this out! And for something important, please do NOT PM me here, I don't always get them in my inbox (often goes to spam); better to just e-mail us at support@ periodicaudio.com

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