Perfect Sound M100's On-Ear, "removable drivers" headphones...
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Jun 6, 2011
Just thought I'd post about these new Perfect Sound headphones since there seems to be NO information anywhere about them (at least not to us 'few' English-speaking/reading people :wink:
Personally I've been a fan of their Over-ear Dido D901s for a while (have a review on my profile) and thought about trying these new on-ear ones just because I liked their color combination, i.e. looks! (Yesss I AM that shallow...). There's just something about looks that speak to me... so even though I actually want to "thin out my collection", I just can't stop buying new cans!! (This and buying watches is really an addiction). Anyway,
For more info:
I received my pair today and here are a couple of hands-on pics:

Two boxes were sent. The original headphone box with the "normal" drivers and as Bonus, they threw in the 'Super Bass" drivers as well.

Big box comes with the headphone bag, inside reside the headphones with the normal drivers already attached. There's a tiny box outside the bag which includes the cable, headphone adapter and airline plug.

Bag is designed pretty well. It even includes "pockets" for any extra drivers and another pocket to store your accessories (it can easily fit my AK100 MK2, USB cable and headphone cable.

Side shot... Love the color combination! :p

This is a dual plug headphone where YOU USE BOTH plugs (left + right)

40mm drivers


Normal + Super Bass drivers...


It even matches my G-Schock Aviator! :)
So, quick impressions. They look good. Well, at least I like their looks! :wink:
Being on-ear and all plastic, they are very very light. 
Clamp force is not bad at all.
Ear pads are supple, feel good against the ear/cheek and it seems Perfect Sound took to heart some of the criticism regarding removable ear pads because these actually are removable but, well, the whole driver is removable anyway :)
Now, I'm NOT a fan of on-ear headphones, I have mentioned it quite a few times. My favorite one up till now has been the Sennheiser Momentum On-ear. Were they the best sounding headphones ever? No, but they were the most comfortable I had tried and positioning was not as big an issue. So... how about these? Well, are they the best sounding headphones ever? Ermm No, but are they capable enough? 
As usual, on-ear headphones (it doesn't matter if it is the V-Moda M80s, Momentums, etc.) they have a warm overall signature. The bass is PLENTY powerful on the "normal" stock configuration, i.e. normal stock drivers. Sub-bass presence is quite good as I found out testing a few "Reggeton" tracks and mid-bass provide very good impact and a bit of bloat which for on-ear portables is NOT bad. Mids are quite similar to their full size brother actually in definition and presence (i.e. yes, a bit recessed of course) and the highs are very well behaved, so they actually remind me more of the V-Moda M80s rather than a V-shaped sound signature. So what's starts as a boosted bass sound actually starts getting a bit balanced once going through the freq response. Well... at least to these ears! :wink:
Sound stage is quite narrow but I haven't tested an on-ear portable with excellent sound stage unless it was an IEM... Imaging is "Ok" as in you can spot the instrument separation well, but due to the narrow soundstage, it sounds, well, squished. Other than that, they are pleasant sounding and I could put them "up-there" sound-wise with both the M80 and On-ear Momentums (haven't tested the XS but they seem to be similar to the M80s, so there's that...).
Perfect Sound provided me with the extra "Super Bass" modules but I have to say, I did not really experienced a HUGE boost in bass (neither sub nor mid-bass...) Not sure if my ears/mind were just dialed in on the "stock" sound and rejecting differences but, well, I still have time to keep on testing (I'll let you know). What I did hear though was imbalance... but again, need to test more.
Anyway, these are my initial impressions on these. To answer my own posed question of 'are they capable enough', yes, they are.!
Not sure how much they will retail $$$ in the States, but I'm pretty sure Perfect Sound will be competitive with the headphones I already mentioned (i.e. probably south of $200). Is that really a good value? Well, taking into consideration that the Momentum and M80/XS have better construction material, feel sturdier, etc. probably not BUT, these have something that those 2 doesn't have, it's customizable... and has weird colors! LOL :wink: But I believe that with regards to sound, they can stand up to those two.
Pros: Customizable, good looks, good color combinations (they have a red/black as well), good comfortable sound.
Cons: Need to play with the position for a bit to get the best sound, feel like a toy, Super Bass drivers will cost extra and as of now doesn't seem to offer a big jump, possibly price (need to wait once they release it here officially).
If anyone else has these or are thinking about trying new on-ear cans with weirdly-good looks, you can give these a try.

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