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Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    Im not sure if everyone subscribed to this thread has seen the news of the new 10 driver Deca, so please check this link out if you haven't:


    In other fun news, a Deca demo just arrived! :)
    Impressions to follow...
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  2. Wildcatsare1
  3. eldss
    Does anyone know what is the cost for their re-shell service and how much their custom solid earplugs cost? I'ts not listed on their website, and I've contacted them before, but never got a response. Thanks!
  4. Docterror
    Best way to contact Mike is via Facebook Messenger. The man never sleeps![​IMG]
  5. MIke M
    PM sent
  6. eldss
    Thanks for the quick response Mike.
  7. shotgunshane Contributor
    Some early Deca impressions:
    - Very similar family tuning with the AR6
    - Same great spacious presentation
    - Extends very deep; both AR6 and Deca reach to 20hz but Deca is a good bit stronger in sub bass than the AR6
    - Bass is slightly boosted over the AR6, giving it just a bit a of warmth over the AR6, but otherwise linear
    - AR6 has an upper mid bump around 3.5k for from brightness and airiness through the mids
    - The Deca's bump is closer to 2k, which translates to a less bright and airy midrange with a little more intimacy
    - The Deca's treble peaks earlier than the AR6, which gives it more treble weight but a little less sparkle. The AR6 treble sounds thinner in comparison
    - The Deca's overall signature is a little smoother, a little warmer, a little bassier in direct comparison to the AR6.
    However it's all relative because the Deca sounds pretty neutral overall in a UERR kind of way. I'll compare those signatures in the coming days.               
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  8. Wildcatsare1
    I'll be reviewing the Decca in the "All American Shootout" with Alclairs Sttudio 4, InEarz Nirvana and 64 Audio's A6 for The Headphone List. Sending my ear impressions out today, really looking forward to hearing Mike's artistry. I'll be posting updates to the Thread, pictures and progress reports.
  9. MIke M
    Thanks SGS, you pretty much described what I set out to accomplish with the design and tuning of Deca. It's definitely nice when things work out :)
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  10. shotgunshane Contributor
    I've added the Deca to the Head Gear section. Tomorrow I'll post a comparison of the Deca and UERR. 
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  11. Wildcatsare1

    Fantastic, look forward to reading your comparison!
  12. Kerouac
    Looking forward to both [​IMG] 
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    Deca vs UERR
    Deca bass is truly bottomless and easily extends to the deepest reaches of the song. It’s fast, tight and excellently nuanced. UERR bass is just slightly less boosted but isn’t as linear and rolls off the deepest of bass. While the UERR has excellent mid bass punch and texture, it just can’t resolve the nuances of the deepest bass. 
    The midrange of the Deca seems very balanced with it’s bass, with perhaps a very minor boost through the middle of the midrange. Both male and female vocals are intimate, full of energy and very resolved. In comparison, the UERR midrange is just slightly tilted lower in the midrange than the Deca. Female vocals in the UERR are more laid back and don’t quite have the same energy and clarity as the Deca. Male vocals, however, are very intimate on the UERR with details pushed to the forefront, for a very resolved and forward performance. In contrast, the Deca has just as much intimacy but not quite as forward as the UERR with male vocals. The greater midrange clarity of the Deca also shows through with male vocals. 
    Both the Deca and UERR have laid back and smooth treble. Neither is ever going to be offensive but the Deca does have a bit more top end presence and air overall. Distortion rock guitars soar a little higher and staging is more open on the Deca. While the UERR does extend a little further, it just can’t as easily resolve as much treble detail as the Deca without turning the volume up a great deal more.  
    The UERR is the Capital Records and Ultimate Ears remastering of the former UERM. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they shelved the treble of the UERR down just too much to maintain it’s reputation of a neutral reference, even by the latest of Harman style standards. However a little treble EQ can make all the difference in the world. Short of that, the Deca is overall more neutral and closer to a reference signature.  
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  14. taize
    Really looking forward to getting my PS4s soon. First move into CIEMs - can't wait to hear what they are like.
  15. Kerouac
    Beware!!! It's an addiction [​IMG]
    Concerning fit: after I got my PS AR6 I had to get used to the custom fit (always had universals before) for some time.
    Now I realise how perfect the job was done by Mike at that time. Perfect (fit and) seal indeed!
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