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Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

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  1. cw68
    Well they are here .
    Super fast order and delivery .
    May be a week or two for a review
    Need to get used to ciems, putting them in taking them out and time to sit down and listen.

    Stay tuned..........
  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    Pretty quick turn around time!
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    I have the Perfect Seal line-up in demo format to take to Canlanta and I have to say the PS4 is better than I remember. nmatheis was right, while the pS3xb is good, I'd now recommend the 4 over it. Really fun and engaging tuning.
  4. 7nationarmy
    Does Perfect Seal do ownership transfer/reshell? If yes, how much and how long (it will take)?
  5. shotgunshane Contributor

    I don't know about ownership transfer but they do reshells of their stuff and others. Last I checked reshells were fairly priced but best to contact Mike with specifics: http://perfect-seal.com/contact-us/
  6. 7nationarmy
    Alright thanks sgs!
  7. cw68
    I'm truly sorry for the wait on the review of the Perfect Seal PS4.
    here is a quick over view so far,
    The build quality on the PS4 I find to be great as Ive never owned CIEM's before I cant compare .
    The cable is of avg build and gets the job done ,a little stiff  but pliable.
    I went with a translucent red and solid black and reversing the colors on each ear
    They fit perfect which going by the name of the Company they do have a perfect seal to the outside world .
    Customer service has been top notch, Mike has answered all and any questions I have had .
    What little time life has given me lately to listen to them has been one of me wanting more and more time to listen and trying to find better sources of audio.
    That is not to say Ive poor equipment. (LG V10, Clip+ rockbox,Ipod touch 4th gen , and Laptop )
    In the coming weeks I will have plenty of audio time with these as I will be on multiple long flights 8+ hours .
    What I'm finding is the PS4 has no mercy on bad recordings  , And shows a true, fun and engaging listening session when the audio playing is of quality recording .
    The bass is there when it needs to be and can get low and punchy  but not  over powering at all ,mids are level  and keeps vocals where they need to be in the song that is playing ,highs are rolled off a touch so not to be fatiguing  but not hiding anything that is in the song.
    When I get back I will give more of my feedback on what I deem now as a great custom in ear product from Perfect Seal
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  8. goodvibes
    I've now heard a run in pair of PS3 (non XB) and I like them a lot. Less midbass, smoother mids than the 2 and similar highs to before as I recalled it. I personally prefer this balance to the xb. The refinement through every range is better on the 4 but the straight 3 is likely the best monitor type of the lower models, the 4 being warmer, more musical and extended for listening. I didn't find the 4 highs rolled but instead, smooth and extended. I know you like a bit more sparkle than I do. Glad you like it now. I felt as you do about it when I heard the lot.
    I see the regular 3 as a great cheap custom for guys that need to mix etc. It's got that touch of sparkle and a neutral, informative sig. Love the new look.
  9. goodvibes
    It's relative but when I heard the 4, I thought it rather tolerant for something that revealing. No peaks or raggedness to emphasize issues in recording. I'm used to revealing things so maybe my perspective is different but I found it to have a pleasant mix of being informative and musical.
  10. shotgunshane Contributor
    Good to know in the regular 3.

    I'm looking forward to taking the Perfect Seal demos to Canlanta in May!
  11. goodvibes
    Anyone there should make sure to find you.[​IMG]
  12. taize

    What are the differences between the Fusion 11 and the PS4?  Which one would you recommend?
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    I'm not AJ, but I had the demos on hand for a good while. They are all gone, so this is from memory.
    The fusion 11 packs a lot more bass. The PS4 is more balanced overall, with bass levels between the solid F11 vent and next bass vent up. The F11 has a few more vents that get a lot bassier too. If your a basshead or close to it, the F11 vent options will be more up your alley. The PS4 has a more balanced presentation but is still highly musical and fun.
  14. taize

    Thanks. I'm no basshead though I find the earsonic SM3 a little light on bass compared to the TF10s. Sounds like the PS4 would suit me better
  15. SLCanhead
    Reposting my post (with tweaks) from another thread, as I feel this fits well into this thread:

    Got my Perfect Seal PS6 reshell (purchased used) back within the time-frame estimated (5-7 business days). Great turnaround time. Mind you this is my first CIEM. 
    Fit - Couldn't ask for better. They are worthy of calling themselves "Perfect Seal" in my opinion. Tight but not too tight, I can get in and out of my ears quite easily - optimum seal every time and get more comfortable as I get used to them. This was my most important requirement, along with sound. They nailed it.
    Finish - They look quite good. I expected them to be a bit glossier, but may just may be close what most companies produce. Can't find bubbling or imperfections like that. More than adequate for me (somewhere between "very good" to "excellent".) Someone else with experience would be better to rate them relative to others. I am happy overall. 
    Sound - Directly out of my iPhone 6s plus. They have excellent deep and detailed bass and midbass (best attribute) exceeding expectation, nice overall tonal balance and separation. I didn't know a balanced armature driver could provide so much bass impact and depth - not missing dynamic drivers one bit. Wow. Tom impact kills. Snare drum impact kills too, to note. Not what I would call TOTL in overall soundstage or realism/separation, but between "very good" and "excellent" (to be determined over time.) They are pretty close in most respects to my Aurisonics ASG-1plus, but with a solid bass bump (no EQ needed at all) and a touch less "smooth" up top (which I like). Maybe a bit less monitor-like and more forgiving of bad recordings. Maybe a touch more soundstage width with slightly less depth - still working that out in my head. Not an "out of head" experience, but still enough separation to enjoy. Nice treble sparkle without sounding artificial or peaky/sharp, maybe still a bit rolled off for long term listening. Right around my preferred signature, overall. I will need more time with them as I acclimate to them, but no issues to note. I enjoy the overall sound and could see myself growing to like them even more as time goes on. I can see how people were talking about how engaging the sound signature was, based on my recollection of previous posts. I will reserve final rating for a bit down the road. 
    Service - Excellent. I purchased another cable with in line mic that was a bit twisted up and they said they would take care of it, if I send it into them. Otherwise, no hiccups. 
    Overall - Very satisfied. I have no regrets going with Perfect Seal. Considering how these perform, I would definitely consider a purchase down the road of the top of their line AR series. 
    Big thanks to shotgunshane for giving another Head-fi'er the opportunity to purchase these IEMs and taking the time to provide info/insight, along the way. They were well worth the investment (well beyond on the used market) and a great company for a new CIEM customer, like myself. 
    I also have to recommend Raritan Valley Audiology (NJ). Great experience with them, as well. 
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