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Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

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  1. tipperstwo
     Yes, I had a chance to read that, thanks for the impressions! Ah I see, yes, I quite like the gr07 sound. I listen mainly to instrumentals/ female vocals and church bands.
    How do you think the Fusion will fare in these genres? What do you think of the comparison between the Fusion 11 and the PS series? Which soundstage would you say is wider?  
    Also, how would you compare the Perfect Seal CIEMs against other full silicone iems like Noble/Custom Art? thankss!

  2. average_joe Contributor
    The Fusion 11 is great for instrumental and female vocal.  Not sure the specific genre of church bands (I have heard a wide variety), but if the music is well mastered, the Fusion 11 will be a treat.  The PS6 sound is similar to the Fusion 11, but not quite the same in the bass with a bit more detail.  The soundstage size is quite similar.
    I am not sure how to answer your comparison of silicone CIEMs question as they all have their own sound signature.  Considering the price, the Fusion 11 offers compelling performance as far as silicone CIEMs go.
  3. tipperstwo
    Sounds good! Will be awaiting your full review too :)

    Do you think it suffers isolation wise due to the need for a vent for the dynamic driver?
  4. average_joe Contributor
  5. Jonlow414
    I received a pair of the Perfect Seal Fusion 11 Silicone IEM just last month. I am not an audiophile by any means and have an untrained ear as I am a beginner still learning. Because of my lack of experience, I can't really give much insight about their sound signature. These are my first pair of CIEMs, upgrading from my previous "high end" IEM, the Westone 1. In my opinion, the Fusion 11 is quite the upgrade from the Westone 1. I have been lurking on this website for a little while and everyone talked about soundstage. I did not know what that was until I stepped up to the Fusion 11 from my Westones. The Fusion 11 IEMs has a larger soundstage than the Westone 1, but that doesn't say much since the Westones had an in-ear sound to them. I also feel like the Fusion 11 is a bit more airy and detailed in the higher frequencies than the Westone 1. It also delves more in the lower frequencies than the Westone 1 and has a nice detailed thump. I really enjoy the sound of my Fusion 11, but like I said, I am not an audiophile so take my words with a grain of salt.
    Onto the things outside of sound, which I can confidently comment on. First off, I have never held or seen acrylic CIEMs in real life, just pictures on Head Fi. What I can say about the Fusion 11 Silicone is that they keep a tight seal no matter what, whether I yawn or talk or whatever. They are really comfy and they fit really snug on the first try, meaning I didn't have to send them into for an altered fit. Tippers Two, even though they do have a port for the dynamic driver, they still isolate really well, so well that the rest of my family has trouble getting my attention with the Fusion 11 running at a very low volume. I have the T2 connector and they are so small and the cable is tiny, so tiny that they can easily get tangled. They do seem to "disappear" when I wear them because I can hardly see or feel them.
    I did have a problem with the high frequency driver connection so I sent them in and Michael Martinez fixed them and had them back to me within that same week. Michael is a very stand up guy and he provides great customer service. He goes out of his way to make sure I am happy with his product. He responds to calls and emails very promptly and is a pleasure to do business with. He is very patient and explains things in great detail to give the customer some insight about which product may be right for you. I cannot emphasize how happy I am with the customer service.
    I hope all of this stuff helps you in understanding what kind of company Perfect Seal is and what kind of products they sell.
  6. MIke M
    Thanks Jon. Not that it's a bad thing, but for your first set of CIEM's, you may have just spoiled yourself :wink:
    Thanks again!
  7. average_joe Contributor
    Nice, someone else is enjoying the Fusion 11!  It offers an amazing value since while it doesn't quite perform at the level of the top tier CIEMs, it certainly doesn't sound horrible in comparison for less than half the price.  Knowing the sound of the Westone 1, I know just how huge of a step up the Fusion 11 is.  Honestly, I am surprised more people haven't jumped on this.
  8. rjwwrx
    I'm excited to say that I should have a pair of sportbud silvers on their way to me in the next couple weeks depending on how quickly I can get my ear impressions done. Mike was very responsive to my email contacts today and answered all my questions. Even though I won't necessarily be using the sportbud silvers for any workout, I feel like they will offer great performance for the price.

    I am planning to go for the full shell with removable cables, and pictures that were sent to me of their swirled "Fusion" color lineup look quite nice. I'm coming from a sony XBA-2 so I think the upgrade will be quite noticable.
  9. dedPrince
    double post
  10. dedPrince
    I'll be looking for your review! 
    I'm considering getting my first cIEM and I'm between this and the Music One. I definitely want a silicone one or one that has some silicone in it because I think the reduction in the occlusion effect would be very useful not to mention improved comfort. I'm leaning towards the SportsBud because I live in America and don't really want to deal with shipping to CustomArt which is in Poland and deal with international shipping, customs and stuff. What I'm concerned about is that these cIEM are intended for working out and as such, aren't suited for simply listening to music. 
    Compared to the Music One, which CIEM is the better all rounder?
  11. gyx11
    I've had the Sportsbud Silver for about half a week now, and my impressions so far have been very positive. I will firm up my thoughts on them, and then I shall do a detailed write-up over the coming week or so.
    Some quite bites:
    1. Fit and comfort is very good. The Thermaflex tips are no gimmick. It gives better fit and isolation. I selected the half-shell option, and they are low-profile, lightweight and very comfortable to wear even for the long haul
    2. The first couple of times putting them on and removing them was hilarious and certainly quite frustrating. The half shell means that there is no real way to grip them like other CIEMs, so you have to hold it right by the edges, and orientate them properly for insertion (which is not as easy as it sounds). Removing them necessitates either pulling them by the cord, or 'digging' them out, which I'm not quite sure how to explain.
    3. With some practice however, I am now able to insert and remove them effortlessly
    4. Build quality and finish is great. The swirl colour options are aesthetically very pleasing. The material used for the shells feel solid and smooth, without any apparent defects
    5. The fixed cable is fantastic! Has a nice thickness to it that is almost tangle resistant. It is super smooth and yet firm at the same time, which inspires long term confidence as a non-detachable cable should. It looks amazing as well. Only gripe is that it can be slightly microphonic, although this is no more than other stock cables. Definitely the best stock cable I've seen so far
    6. Sound is excellent for $250. Don't want to comment too much on this right now, but in my opinion, it is on a sonic level no lesser than the Shure SE535s. Short thoughts so far:
      1. Bass is north of neutral for a dual-BA. None of that mid-bass bump problem. Bass extension is nice, and is surprisingly rumbly
      2. Mids are slightly forward and have nice presence. Both male and female vocals sound upfront and realistic
      3. Treble is not too extended, but neither is it rolled-off. Entirely non-fatiguing
      4. Overall presentation is slightly warm
      5. Note presentation is slightly thick
      6. Clarity is good
      7. Detail level is great
      8. Airiness and sense of space is good, but not spectacular
      9. Soundstage is 3D-esque. Not sure how to describe it, but it's got to do with the note decay being quite long, and the reverb effect is what produces the 3D staging feel. Excellent
      10. Not too resolving. A good thing for workout earphones
    7. These are easy to drive. Sounds great out of the Clip Zip. I tried running them off my HDP-R10 and my Portaphile 627. It does scale up with better gear, but not very much
    I also managed to get my hands on a pair of Sportsbud Gold that a friend of mine got for himself. He went for the full shell, detachable cable option. Everything that I've written above about fit, finish applies as well. His unit looked even nicer than mine I must say. Our ear profiles are quite similar, so I popped them in for a short listen, and they are basically a bassier version of the Sportsbud Silver. The mid and high frequencies are very similar, but the bass is definitely quite a bit more prominent, which is saying something given that the Silver is already north of neutral. The bass quality and texture was quite good, somewhat reminiscent of the Shure SE846. I didn't quite dig it because I felt the bass level was just approaching a level which was too high for my preferences, and hence I would only recommend the Gold to bassheads who like a good kick to their music. From a value standpoint, the Silver is $70 cheaper with a more neutral sound signature.
    Overall, the Sportsbud Silver have definitely exceeded my expectations, which were already quite high based on AJ's review on them. I'm not sure how my thoughts on them will continue to evolve, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that these are a steal for $250, and I would find it virtually impossible to to find a similarly priced CIEM, or even universal for that matter, which can give you as a good a value as the Sportsbud Silver. They perform superbly for a normal CIEM, and even greater for sports usage. I highly recommend them.
    Feel free to ask me any question and I'll try to answer!
  12. dedPrince
    Hey gyx11, do you have the cable up or the cable down option?
    Also, are you using it as a workout earbud or for just listening to music?
  13. gyx11

    Mine is the cable down option. During the ordering process. there was no selectable option for cable up/down so I would presume that all orders have the standard cable down option unless requested otherwise.

    I am intending to use the Sportsbud Silver both as my primary travel CIEM and as my primary workout earbuds. They sound good enough for the former and are designed optimally for latter purpose.

    Hope that answers your questions!
  14. rjwwrx
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the sportsbud silver gyx11!

    I'm going in for my ear impressions this evening, so if all goes well I should be able to get them in the mail on their way to Mike tomorrow. I'm too much of an instant gratification guy, having patience for this process is killing me haha. I'll make sure to take some pictures and post up how I feel about them. Can't promise any kind of great review, I only have my sony XBA-2's to compare them to and I'm not much of an audiophile. I do appreciate good sounding music and comfort from my IEM for 4+ hour sessions though. I don't expect the xba-2 is going to be much of a comparison.
  15. rjwwrx
    I got my impressions sent out on December 11th via regular mail and got my invoice today to get them overnighted!  
    The impressions probably weren't received until at least Tuesday this week so I'm very happy with the turn around time.  So excited that I won't have to wait until after Christmas.  I'll be very impatiently waiting for this package tomorrow.  
    I will post up some pics hopefully tomorrow or the next couple of days as well as my thoughts on ordering from Perfect-Seal and a little on how they sound.  
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