People love convenience stores
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May 24, 2006
I like them. My earliest memories are from elementary school when I used to hang out at a 7-Eleven. Yeah I know, the prices tend to be higher at these stores but if your're really thirsty and you need a bottle of cold something, you got it.

Convenience stores are kind of like bathrooms. Nobody wants to talk about them but we do use them and it's a topic that people are not excited about discussing.
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The Red Rooster was my local hangout as a kid. Local guy owned it and worked it every day, spent a lot of summer days there. Had a little arcade with 4-5 games and the greatest slurpies and ice cream ever.
First place I ever played Street Fighter
First place I ever shop lifted
Was the corner stone of my youth haha
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I just got back from a convenient store right now to get a bottle of milk for my cereal. Yeah I know, it would have been cheaper at a super market but I just felt lazy today, hence it was convenient.
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Yesterday, I realized that I needed smaller notes for my $50.
I went to 7-Eleven to buy maybe a drink to receive smaller notes, but I realized all the drinks were too expensive.
I had no choice but to change my $50 for five $10 notes with the cashier.
I didn't buy anything.

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I've had that similar situation. Depending on the convenience store, I can buy a small piece of candy for less than a dollar. I'm not sure about the 7-Eleven here in America since I have not been to one in a while. When I was growing up, 7-Eleven was my main convenience store. Now I go to a bunch of different ones. Some are pretty decent and some are terrible.
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I used to love 7-E as we called it because you could get just about any common item you might need. Now that I don't eat "junk food" anymore I almost never go to a convenience store unless I'm driving a long way and need a restroom. I also live in a small town now and I try to support only the local businesses.

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