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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Maverickmonk
    Does anyone else have issues with pens with thin inks like the lamy ink, and cheap thin notebook paper as far as legibility? I know my handwriting doesn't help, but the ink seems really runny to me
  2. dallan Contributor
    I like using better paper than cheapy. My current is Clairefontaine for ruled paper.
  3. iamdacow
    Inkwise you can try the Ordinary pelikan ink not the fancy one, I use those with my FPs and I don't get any feathering at all and also paper type is very inportant I agree with dallan
  4. Silent One
    Although, Clairefontaine & Rhodia are united, I've always gone for the Rhodia Graph in various sizes for my FP's. And Lamy ink (or other) has not been an issue on my Rhodia...quality matters.
  5. Maverickmonk
    Thanks! Not the answer I wanted to hear as I've got a ream and a half of notebook paper sitting here, but if it's the right answer, I guess I'll have to accept it
  6. iamdacow
    What nib size do you use?
  7. Silent One
    Perhaps, you will find suitable ink for the paper you've got. For inspiration, let's look at what a young Ray Charles famously said to his manager. While on the road, they reached the next concert venue for early rehearsal before the evening's performance. And the manager found the house piano badly kept - out of tune and with a dead key or two.
    A very concerned manager informed Ray of the situation. To which a young, enthusiastic and optimistic Ray replied "I am going to make it do what it do, baby!"
    Currently, this is the attitude I have using my Lamy Safari while waiting for my Pilot Falcon purchase. 
  8. GeorgeStorm
    Just got given a Pen and Pencil set:

    Haven't used any yet, certainly look shiny :p

    Are they any good? I'm most looking forward to using the pencil and fountain pen, been too long since I've had one.
  9. dallan Contributor
    Yes I have some Rhodia too. It's good as well but I prefer the Clairefontaine given the choice. Writing and paper is so tactile that tastes for the feel really come into play.
  10. Silent One
    I've yet to try Clairefontaine, having used Rhodia paper since 1930...wait, [​IMG] that's their story! I'm a graph note pad kinda head-fier, will look and see if Clairefontaine has some I can try. Thanks for your recommendation.
  11. Silent One
    Today, I finally purchased the Pilot Falcon 2 Metal Fountain pen; Soft Fine Nib. And a gorgeous bottle of Pilot Iroshizuki Fountain Pen Ink - Murasaki-Shikibu.
  12. dallan Contributor
    Congratulations, very nice looking[​IMG]
  13. Silent One
    Thanks, dallan. I know it'll provide enjoyment for years to come, so I really don't mind the small investment to luxuriate. Same goes for my vacuum tube amp.
  14. dallan Contributor
    Luxuriate.......i like that, kinda rolls off your tongue.......Luuxuurrriiiaate[​IMG]
  15. Silent One
    Man, wait 'til I'm slumped deep down inside the chair, cafe side...will be talkin'[​IMG] just like that!
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