PCM270x Replacement
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Hello guys,
I build one module based on SRC4392 (SPDIF Receiver / Transmitter & ASRC) as an remake to my old DAC's digital interface which was limited to 48 KHz input sample rate. It makes 24/192 upsampling to all incoming signals available at one of five inputs: USB, Optical, RCA, BNC and external I2S and uses PCM2705 as USB to SPDIF bridge. Even that I can't expect more that 16bit/48fs data rate from PCM2705. So, my next intention is to use TAS1020B also available from TI. I study its evaluation board/schematic/firmware but some complain that that firmware is full of bugs and doesn't work as expected. Even more, its output is in AC97 format but I don't think that will impose a problem. My question is:
Is there a design which uses TAS1020B as USB to I2S bridge (or other digital audio fromat) at more than 16bit/48fs sample rate? Maybe 24/96? Can TAS1020B or USB (Full Speed) Bus handle that amount of data?
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Hi HIPPOhifi,
indeed, datasheet is full of infos... however I'll learn them along with USB specs if I know that TAS1020(B) can handle this amount of data (24/96). Since I don't know USB and Windows, I have another question: can Windows XP source 24/96 (or 24/192) through USB Port (full speed) into TAS1020 (or any other chip) without any custom drivers for OS? I'm thinking to build a test board and feed TI's firmware into TAS1020B at start-up.
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