pcb 0.5mm single sided need

  1. ts8051
    I need pcb board FR4 SINGLE SIDED for stators (not photo resist). Do you know a supplier in Europe ?
  2. Muamp
    It is all mentioned in the "Electrostatic ear speakers DIY'ers suppliers list" thread in this DIY section.
    Rapid electronics in the UK send world wide and Conrad in Germany.
    I guess all the big suppliers such as RS, Farnell, Mouser also sell FR4 in 0.5mm.
    It doesn't matter if it is photo resist..... just peel the photo protect (plastic) off the board!

  3. ts8051
    I was found only 10x15cm boards 0.5mm thickness which is small. Also I was not found this type on all suppliers mentioned, including ebay.

  4. Muamp
    Hi Theologos,

    Yes, Rapid and Conrad (Rapid's parent company in Germany) sell FR4 0.5mm in 16x10cm size, (Bungard and Proma) making it possible to make round stators up to 100mm diameter or oval 100mm short side, 160mm long side. The other suppliers mentioned also sell various options, for example:
    RS Stock No. 159-5773 (0.8mm thick)
    RS Stock No. 292-6932 (0.4mm thick in size 300x200mm (how big are your ears?) - but possibly too thin...)

    RS, Farnell and Mouser require more intensive searching to find the right products....

  5. ts8051
    My Headphones are 10cm x 14cm, so i cannot cut 10 x 16cm with my CNC machine. Two months ago I bought some boards 200 x 300 mm 0.5mm single sided form Romania in eBay, but now there not available in stock. I want the 0.5mm which is the same as in STAX. I found in ebay from US the prefered Board, but the Shipping cost is High.


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