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Pc screen goes black for 1 second after turning on Schiit Modi

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by plonter, Jun 27, 2015.
  1. plonter
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for didn't know how to formulate the question better, I am not an english speaker.
    My problem is: I leave my Schiit modi plugged in to the back usb port of my pc all the time, but every once in a while after turning on modi my screen goes black for 1 second.
    Do you have any idea what can cause this?  could it damage my pc?    
    EDIT: Just want to add that this can't be due to pc or screen connected to same electricity port as the modi cause my pc and screen are getting their power through UPS. This is probably related to the usb port.
  2. cel4145
    Sounds like something flakey with your computer, but I don't know. Schiit has a number of pages for troubleshooting that might help:
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The USB Modi becomes the computers default sound card when you turn the Modi on and the computer would normally switch back to the on-board audio, when the Modi is disconnected to turned off.
    Chances are your graphics card has an HDMI port and there is usually a basic audio interface built into the graphics card, which allows computer audio to pass out thru the HDMI port.
    The computer might be making the HDMI the default audio interface, until the Modi is turned and becomes the default audio device.
    So my best "guess" is the because the graphics card's HDMI has some audio function, it reset something on the graphics card when the Modi is turned on or off, as the default audio device.
    If you go into Windows Device Manager and look under Sound, Video, Game Controller and disable the graphics card audio, it might stop the computer from resetting the graphics, when the Modi is turned on or off.
    This is my current "best guess".
  4. plonter
    Sounds logical to me :)  didn't think about it..   Thanks!
  5. BeatsWork
    That's a much better articulated response than mine was going to be which is that I have the same experience when connecting my laptop to docking station via USB as the laptop takes a second to "figure out" where it should be directing audio and video.
    With Modi connected and on go in to Sound>Playback Devices and disable everything but the Modi.  Power the Modi off and then on again.  Still have the issue? If no and you don't ever use onboard audio then just leave the other device disabled.  If you do turn it back on and just know that you're going to have the issue when turning it on or off :)
  6. plonter
    The weird thing is that it doesn't happen all the time, only once in a while.   

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