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PC gaming with Bluetooth headphones, any fix for my issue?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by kayan, Mar 2, 2018.
  1. kayan
    So I have a pair of Bose QC 35 II that I tried for PC gaming for the first time last night. It seemed to me that audio and the display matched up, unless the audio output wasn't constant.

    I was playing PubG, and whenit was firing or moving in quick succession then it was synched, but firing from a camping location (no sound really) then it was not synched. I'd guess about a half second delay. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using my laptop's built in Bluetooth.
  2. Fan0Cans
    Hit or miss i'm afraid. I have 3 diff bt devices, and depending on what tablet or laptop i use them on, will induce lag and dropped audio in youtube alone, let alone games. You might can try a logitech bluetooth adapter that would connect to the computer via Aux/RCA and then connect your ear buds to that, its powered, maybe taking some stress off your system and allowing it to function properly? pure speculation on my part, i use one but not for gaming...


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