PC -> DAC & AMP -> Multichannel reciever, advise is needed
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Dec 12, 2010
Hi there,
I'm using windows 10 PC that is connected to Denon AVR x8500.
Lately i'm using it more for music playing trough Windows, and in the night using high end headphones.

Had a thought if i can improve the audio quality by adding between the PC and AVR a USB DAC that will be used to drive my headphones and in addition to pass to the AVR Multichannel audio (trough USB or Digital output). Things like Hugo TT2 or Luxman DA-250 came in mind but i do not want to buy before understanding it make sense to add it.

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What is the make and model of the headphones?
For music audio (2-channel, like music), run an optical cable from the PC to the Denon.
For 5.1 (6-channel) audio, optical is limited to 24-bit/48k.
For going beyond 2-channel audio (like Blu-ray movies), connect an HDMI cable from the PC, to the Denon.
HDMI can carry up to 8-channels of 24-bit/192k.
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Hi, My headphones are Denon D9200.
I wanted a DAC to be in between the PC to the AVR to improve audio quality, Thanks!
I doubt an add-on DAC will do much to improve audio coming out of the Denon.
But a headphone amplifier, with a low output impedance (Ohm), I would assume would benefit the 24-Ohm D9200.
What is your budget forgetting a DAC/amp?
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Topping DX7s DAC/amp is what i use, should be great for the D9200.

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