Paypal verification question
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 1, 2006
I was recently notified in my account (Well, my sister's account strictly speaking) that I am only $260 from reaching the send limit for the account. I know there's no way possible way I've spent $10k in the past month so it must not reset monthly but does it ever reset or is it a permanent limit?

If it's a permanent limit and I add a bank account, what access does Paypal have over the account? For example, say someone tries to file a dispute but there's no money in my Paypal account, can Paypal freeze the funds in the connected bank account? If this is the case than I might just add the Paypal CC (I won't get charged if I never use it right?) but than of course this raises the questions of, if the same situation happens, can Paypal bill me the amount through the debit card? With the rising amount of scams on eBay, I'd like to have peace of mind that scammers can't try to wiggle money out of me through Paypal.

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