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Sep 13, 2007
How can I check to see if my account is set up to pay from my credit card or directly from my bank account? I have read that it is better to do transactions on PayPal through a credit card so you can do a chargeback if something goes wrong. How do I do this?

Also, more than a month ago, my girlfriend bought two baseball tickets for opening day through eBay. I told her to make sure that it was less than 45 days from the game and to make sure that the seller had >50 feedback w/>98% positive. She forgot about the 98% part (the seller has 96% or something). In the listing, the seller said that tickets would be shipped in mid-March when they are received from the ball club. Opening day is one week away. The seller has not responded to four of my girlfriend's emails, and no information has been given regarding the status of anything. I am pretty sure that my girlfriend paid on PayPal out of her bank account, but I am not positive. If the tickets do not arrive by opening day, do we have any options to get this resolved? Or, since she neglected to follow the 98% feedback qualification and paid from her bank account, are we SOL?
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Hello fellow Chicagoan. Paypal will list a credit card as a verified source on your account if it is setup properly. Check your paypal page.

If you paid for an item on ebay, and the item was not received... you 100% can file a complaint with paypal (and a separate one with the seller on ebay). Keep all emails and all transaction receipts / history. This has happened to me one time in the past and yes paypal did in fact refund my purchase money. It's a total pain in the rear but worth it to get your money back. Baseball tickets generally do not show up until the very last minute. I buy from all the time and that is usually the case. Have fun at the Cubs game on opening day.
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Thanks VeipaCray, but as of right now it doesn't look like we'll be at the game..

My girlfriend tried emailing his hotmail account last night and got an error message in return saying that the mailbox is unavailable. What now?
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