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Pay to upgrade 64 Audio V8?

  1. TylerJarvis
    I recently bought a pair of Audio 64 V8 IEMs. I need to get them remolded to fit my ears and I currently have a couple of options. I can send them back to 64 Audio to remold for $350 or they have the option to upgrade to the A series (A8) for $500. The final option would be to send them to a third party company (InEarz) and have them do the remold for around $150. I don't know much about the company or the quality of work they do. In know 1964 would do a great job but I was wonder what some of yall think. Is the A8 worth a $500 upgrade over the V8?
    Thanks for all the advice in advance.
  2. TylerJarvis
  3. TylerJarvis
    Anyone have recommendations?
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    All I can add is that Inearz are superb and you'll get excellent results going through them if you just reshell
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