Pardon my ignorance, why does the iphones 6s have two Cirrus Logic Audio IC ?
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As per the iFixit teardown:

Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00105 Audio IC
Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S1285 Audio IC

And more specifically, how does this translate to sound quality?
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  Hard to tell, those are proprietary chips that aren't on Cirrus Logic's website nor anywhere else either. Could be one for digital/DAC and one for analog amplification.

Yeah, I tried googling and it just leads me to the ifixit link or sites linking to ifixit 

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hang on, if it does has one to DAC and one to Amplify...isn't it audiophiles level ?
Actually, there are 3 cirrus Chip
1x Cirrus Logic 338S00105
2x Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S1285 Audio IC (likely an iteration of the 338S1202 audio codec found in the iPhone 5s)
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So the 2x Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S1285 Audio IC are DAC's or amps?

I am not sure, but I hear that they are proprietary ? So maybe the 2 in the back is for amplification so purposes and the one in the front is for DAC ? Idk, we need expert electrical engineer who specified into audio design to answer ? Lol...or I can audition it with my ears and say some impressions.

But he thing I don't understand is why using 3DAC....even if they were to amplify an analog...there is no need ? Idk, clueless about these specs

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