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Parasound and Burson adventure

  1. snellemin
    I reinstalled the V4 in the Zamp, with a 10uf cap.  Sound is "mellower" vs with the Wima.  I like it, as it takes the edge of the topend.
  2. Rroff
    Thanks - wish I had any idea as to the engineering side of what is happening there and/or best approach.
  3. snellemin
    Did you let the Wima "burn in"?  Cause straight of the bat, the Wima sounds pretty harsh.  It took me about 8 hours for it to settle down and start sounding it's best.  
    Here's a link about different capacitors and it's sound character.  It's done for speaker use, but it kinda applies to what we are trying to achieve.
  4. snellemin
    Installed another V4 into my Zamp V.3 at work.  Man it's subbass nirvana with this thing.  So I like the V5 Burson in the preamp and the V4 in the actual amplifier.  The house sound of the Parasound is great as is.  But adding the V4 gives it that extra edge that I was craving for.  Sounds clean, musical, detailed and it's not shy to show you that there is subbass with character in your music.  Now just to let the Wima cap settle in a bit for the day and the V4 needs a few more days on top of that.  
    Next up is finding time to upgrade my other Zamp V3 in my home bass station to the mighty V4.  
  5. Rroff
    I've not done much intentional burning in to be fair.
    As an aside I've played with a good number of the caps in that test aside from some of the more expensive specialised audio ones and usually come back to the Cornell Dubilier 940C - just seems to be largely the most transparent out of any of them - very slightly bass lean and very slightly "sparkly" in the treble - which can in some ways be nice as things like cymbals have a nice ring to them but for the most part nicely transparent.
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  6. slex
    20170930_125656_HDR.jpg 20170930_125851.jpg 20170930_125851.jpg jActually intended for V5 mod for Zamp3. Now putting in V6 classic instead.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
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