Pandora's Box, NYC
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Anybody ever been to Pandora's Box (an S&M club) in Manhattan? The wife and I saw the place in the film Fetishes and a quick Google search turned-up that the establishment is still in business. The website shows some real good looking employees (Mistress Fortune, yummy!).

Anybody have any RL experience with this establishment, or Mistress Fortune in particular?
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Would anyone even be willing to ADMIT to being there?

Old funny cartoon I remember:

One woman is talking to another woman, who is thrown over the shoulder of a muscled guy in a leather mask.

Standing woman says, "Why do you hang around with that sadist?!"

Over-the-shoulder woman replies, "Beats me...."
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LOL (no really I did)
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Haha, that's just the constant-movie-quoter in me. Lucy Lawless in a mediocre comedy called Euro-Trip. Her scenes were priceless though.
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Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I hope you have an interesting experience! Be sure to write your impressions!

I was in the city for work, so I had time to go and get my membership but didn't have time for a session because the Mistress I wanted wouldn't be available until later in the day and I had to get back to work (

But I did get the tour......

1. After calling the number and getting directions I was buzzed in the door and nearly broke my neck going down the stairs into the buildings basement. (How's that for an S&M club ad: "So hardcore clients have died just walking in the door!")

2. I was greeted in the business office by an incredibly pleasant woman dressed in office casual and bright purple ankle boots ("Huh, most clients don't wear their name badges in here"). She handed me a clipboard with the paperwork and showed me to a small room with a lounge chair to fill out the paperwork (heading on paper: Caveat Emptor; Be careful what you wish for). I was instructed to knock on the door if there were any questions.

3. Paperwork was fairly straightforward; name, age, medical conditions, height, weight, a list of BDSM activities (spanking, restraints, cross-dressing, foot/boot worship, etc) with a range of 1 - 5 (circle your level of interest).

The second page was for Roleplay scenarios (Puppy training, boss & employee, teacher & student, etc) and your level of intrest. And a chart for clothing choices (leather, PVC, uniforms, high heels, etc).

My only question was with the option for 'suspension'. Now being the regular BME reader that I am I took that to mean "big metal hooks in your back hanging you from the ceiling". The receptionist (or 'consultation liaison') corrected me that it was merely suspension as in "being suspended from the ceiling via wrist restraints & such".

4. After the paperwork was done (oddly was never asked for proof of ID) and I paid my $30 membership fee I was issued my membership card (no expiration date). The card is beige with a green & gold star thingy in one corner and a series of black & green lines. There is no print of any sort on the card, just my client number and the phone number written in pen.

The card is incredibly vague on purpose. Should a family member or whoever go through your wallet, they won't know you're in a BDSM & Roleplaying club. (Personally I don't care who knows, but then again, I'm not the former governor of New York).

5. Once I got my card I was given a copy of the current "magazine" (really nothing but photographs of the various Mistresses who work at many of the cities Dungeons... and two pages of actual article.) VAULT issue 2811, and given the tour.

The entire complex is the basement floor of a generic 4-story office building. A dimly lit green-painted hallway snakes around and has the theme rooms (surgical unit, Chinese palace, dungeon, etc) that have a Red/green light above each door. If I could describe the level of design detail it would be "Disney World as built by perverts"; the dungeon doesn't look like a real medieval dungeon, more like a wax museum scene of a dungeon (The room's CD player is located in the cell). A facade that caters to the most obviously recognizable or fetishistic aspects of any given situation. Some of the rooms are very small (the wrestling room is probably 10 x 12), and some are fairly big (the "torture chamber" which is almost identical to the dungeon except for choice of furniture is closer to 20 x 30).

6. While on tour the liaison was about to show me a room that was occupied (somebody forgot to turn on the red light). The Mistress stepped out of the room to give me a cheery "Hello! nice to meet you!". The girl couldn't have been more than 20; brunette hair tied into a ponytail, no heavy makeup or lipstick, wearing a black dress that looked like something a Goth would were to prom. The encounter would have been unremarkable but she waved hello with her left hand because her right was wearing a latex glove and she had what could only be santorum smeared up to her elbow. At least somebody was having a good time.

Tour concluded I exchanged some pleasantries with the liaison and told her I'd be sure to make an appointment well ahead of time next time I was in the city. Its a 6&1/2 hour drive or I'd go back after work today, but the wife has some sort of party or something we have to go to. Oh well.
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You are too rock and roll for me, ninja! Makes me realize that in all my time here in NYC, i haven't even scratched the surface of what out there! Heck, I haven't even been to a jazz club in 2 years!
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Ninja, I could care less about your stated proclivities, but I am curious what made you decide to start whole thread about it on this forum and then post detailed first impressions after the thread was already dead from non-interest. There are so many others forums that cater to your tastes and could even be more helpful. Why a headphone forum frequented by hundreds of under-aged kids? What are you getting out of this?
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Originally Posted by boomana /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I am curious what made you decide to start whole thread about it on this forum and then post detailed first impressions after the thread was already dead from non-interest.

Rednamalas asked for my impression. And just because nobody was posting doesn't mean it was dead, this thread has had plenty of members reading it steadily.


Why a headphone forum frequented by hundreds of under-aged kids? What are you getting out of this?

And you have no problems with the threads about: watches, boubon, cigars, beer, whiskey, cars, motorcycles, handguns, and people getting high? None of which have anything to do with music, and most of which are not legal for persons under 18 if at all.

this forum's Member's Lounge has had posts on every conceivable topic from male pattern baldness to illegal sportscars to drug use to Absinthe. This is a forum with members of hundreds of backgrounds from many countries with a practically limitless knowledgebase of almost every subject you could possibly imagine. You want to know about divorce proceedings? Come to the Head-Fi member's lounge. Need tax advice? Head-Fi member's lounge. Your cat is clawing the new couch? Somebody at the Head-Fi member's lounge will have an answer in the first 15 minutes.

There was nothing in my post that was sexually explicit, nothing pornographic, I used not a single foul word, no pictures were posted, nothing offense to any race creed or nationality, and nothing illegal from my own or any country I am aware of was mentioned. and above all : NOBODY FORCED YOU TO READ SOMETHING THAT MAY HAVE OFFENDED YOU. I'm sorry the interests of 17% of the population hold no appeal to you. Go pet a bunny, have a great day.
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Originally Posted by boomana /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I merely asked what you were getting out of posting it here. That curiosity remains.

I assumed that people might be interested in learning something new, different, and/or exciting. Other people make threads about their haircuts or having their ears cleaned. I'm sorry my thread wasn't as intellectually or culturally stimulating as learning about the two kinds of ear wax.
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Personally, I thought RRN's tale was extremely interesting.

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