Pandemic, Work At Home
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Jul 26, 2008
State that I live has stay at home. The company I work for has an essential status, still limiting the number of employees at work. Because of what I do I still come to work a few hours a day the rest I'm remote.
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Same here. Two weeks in I'm having fun with headphones...

At home I'm a speakers guy, with a decent setup in every room. The only time I generally listen to headphones is at work, so now that I'm working from home I found myself missing my desktop setup at work. Currently an NAD 1050 and FLC 8n, which I very much enjoy.

With some construction happening next to my home, I thought I'd try some over the ear bluetooth cans for the first time. Based on 10 mins of research, I took Delivery of the Sony 1000XM3. After one day with them I knew I would never use them. The concept was great, but the SQ (especially the bass) was just not for me.

After a few more reads, I thought I'd try the Audio-Technica M50xBT after realizing the NC was unnecessary. Nope. Far from the warm articulate sound I'm used to.

At this point I dug my Dunu DN1000 out of the basement, but the FLC 8s spoiled me, followed by the FLC 8n. Next time I was in the office I grabbed the FLC 8n thinking the NAD 1050 wasn't needed at home...

Wow my Galaxy S10 sounds like crap! So I plugged them in to my Dayton amp that is fed by an Audio Quest Dragonfly on my home PC (usually used for casual listening via NHT Super Ones). Much better than the S10, but with an incredibly high noise floor and margin SQ.

Back down to the basement and resurrected my Aune T1 with an Amperex 7308 tube that I enjoyed years ago, after graduating from Fiio etc... OK, this is much better! Nice warm sound with great detail and sound stage. I know in the back of my head that side by side with the NAD there was no comparison, but I also remember liking the bass control of the Aune slighly more than the NAD. What an enjoyable listen with the Aune and 8n. But...

So now here I am, thinking about that Topping DX7 Pro I have yet to try. The NAD 1050 was my preference over the Micro iDSD BL and Chord Mojo, but the unknown always has me thinking I can do better! Any opinions on the Topping DX7 Pro are appreciated.

Anyway, just thought this was a good place to share my recent experience.

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Just reunited with the M&D MW60's. Found them for $149.00 on sale at the M&D site last week. Used to own them. I'm glad I've got a pair back on the rack. Sheltering at home with Zoom, Tequila, pretzels and TIDAL. Keep safe everyone!
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