Panasonic SL-CT570 and Sony D-E350
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Aug 15, 2002
I was wondering if I should post this, being relatively new to headphones and portables.( And writing on audio is difficult especially using the correct terms to describe it)

This is a short comment on the difference between the Panasonic SL-CT570(bought purely based on review, no listening) and the Sony D-E350(bought thinking that it was a Sony D350 from Cash Converters) .

For listening, I am using just the Sennheiser 497 with no external amplifiers. The 570 is set to antiskip 10 secs, normal sound and the 350 with no ESP and no extra bass boost.

Panasonic SL-CT570(Jap version)

The panasonic is good. True to its source, reveals the recordings. The highs are extended and smooth. The mids are good too with no emphasis on the range, piano sounded natural ( especially more so than the 350). The lower register is tight and with plenty of punch. I must say that the 570 has a balanced sound with no emphasis on any range.

Sony D-E350

My first impression is that it sounds good. It seems to be more involving than the 570.( Thats the reason why I bought it at cash converters, thinking that its a D350).

However, when I was at home doing more of a A, B comparison, I was then able to comment.

First, the highs seems to be a little recessed, lacking full extension when compared to the 570. There seems to be a slight boost in the mid range , making the music more involving, or it might be the recessed highs that caused it. Pianos seems to be a bit more unnatural with a slight clanky sound. Vocals and guitars are all right. The lows are lesser in impact and less controlled compared to the 570s.

I am not sure if its because of the frequency tilt in the 350s, it seems that the decay or probably the added room atmosphere to the music seems to be capture more naturally than the 570s.

It seems also that with the 570s, the weakness(or maybe not to some others) of the sennheiser 497 is reveal, maybe thats synergy. The slight brightness of the 497 is very much present when listening to the 570s for an extended period of time. And when listening to music that are not so much of audiophile quality, the added decay seems more natural with the 350s.

Overall I would say that the 570 is a much better player. Much more balanced sound. Better in all frequencies.

But it seems that the 350 is not that bad. Considering the price paid for is only half that of 570 here in Singapore. This is especially true when listening is done with not so highend headphones and non audiophile quality recordings.

Looks like I will be keeping the Sony D-E350 for the kind of music that I am listening to and when I could get my hands on some portable amps, I will reserve my 570 for that. (Expecting the line out to sound much better)

Wow, thats my first review

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