Panasonic HJE900 and 192kbps music.
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Aug 27, 2010
So i'm hoping to get the Panasonic's for christmas and was just wondering how nicely the play with 192 kbps. I have a few tracks that are in 192Kbps and was wondering if the really show the flaws. Are they as forgiving as the Klipsch s4's ?
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Don't worry about it, if it's only a few tracks. I don't think the HJE900s are exactly revealing headphones. 
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I have found that they aren't fond at all of low quality kbps. They aren't analytical phones but they are relatively transparent and critical of low quality mp3's. I'm not saying you can't but there is a noticeable and significant difference if you use higher quality mp3s (320 is minimum for me). I wouldn't recommend it because you will be doing an injustice to what the phones are capable of producing
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I haven't found anything that doesn't sound better on my HJE900s. I listen to a lot of variable bit rate audio from my rhapsody to go subscription and it all sounds awesome. Some of those bitrates are down to 142.  These are the most amazing set of phones I've ever experienced,. Oh, my source is a Cowen D2.
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I have a few songs that are 192kbps and even lower, but the HJE's tend to not reveal flaws to the point of not being able to enjoy them.
They really do shine with higher quality tracks, though.

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