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PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 Earphones with Wireless Charge

  1. craftx1234
    Hey there!

    I know you must be wondering, wireless charging? Yes, that's right! including BT 5.0 and IPX6 rating. You wouldn't believe how much it costs.


    $49?? Yep, you read that right, PaMu is known for their previous product which everyone loved and they're back again with their newest product PaMu Scroll.

    They have over 55,000 backers and nearly 3 million dollars raised on Indiegogo!

    I've used them for over a month now, and in my opinion, they're much better than the Airpods or Jabra's I've used for the daily purpose or even workouts.

    Here's some photos and the link to purchase them!

    Trust me they're fantastic and won't disappoint you!


    Here's some photo's I took!



    Let me know your opinions! and if you're interested to get a pair of these!

    Here's the link!


    Have a great day!

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