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pairing ATH-M50 for home and portable use.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by andrelealn, Aug 6, 2012.
  1. andrelealn
    Hi there, my name is Andre and I'm fairly new to quality headphones.
    about 8 years ago I got a pair of technics RP-F350 headphones that served me well until last week, when they finaly died. since their demise I have decided to buy a new pair of headphones and wanted something good but without breaking the bank. after reading for a few days I pulled the trigger on a pair of audio technica ATH-M50 because I wanted closed headphones for under 150 bucks and they seemed like the best option I had. Since I live in Brazil and I bought them in the US it'll be a week or two until they reach me.
    That being said I would like to know what else do I need to fully enjoy these phones. Up until last week I didn't even know amps and dacs existed and am still a little bit confused about when a dac is needed and when it isn't. I listen to music on the go using my samsung galaxy S3 and at home either on the computer(using the onboard headphone jack which I now know is a mistake) or through a onkyo A/V reciever.
    The questions I haven't been able to answer myself are the following:
    A) should I get a portable amp in order to enjoy these headphones using my galaxy S3? and if so, do I need a DAC as well? and last but not least, should I use the 3.5mm out on the S3 or should I get a USB line out dock?
    B) what should I buy in order to get a good sound out of the ATH-M50 when using them on the computer?
    since this is my first step into this world I wouldn't like it to cost me too much, so if you could keep the reccomendations to a low budget I'd be glad. 
    last but not least, in the near future I'll be getting a pair of open headphones to use at home. I've been thinking about getting a pair of grado SR60i/80i to listen mostly to rock and alternative since they seem to do that very well and are very cheap. so I need the amp/dac that I'll be using at home to work well with these grados too.
    thanks in advance, Andre.
  2. Slaughter
    The M50 does benefit from amping, but I found them more than acceptable out of my iPhone4S. I would say get them, try them with your phone. If you like them, then no amp/dac is needed. If you don't them, come back here and tell the group what you don't like or are missing. Same would apply for the computer, but for home listening, one of the Fiio products should serve you well. I am sure someone will chime in with a suggestion on that.
  3. XxDobermanxX
    The galaxy s3 has good DAC and should power your headphone so that they are loud enough, also if you want the wow effect i suggest you get better headphones( if you plan to spend money) , it doesnt make sense to have a $100 headphone and then go buy a $1000 amp to make them sound good, if you a $1000 go buy a better headphone. also if you use your computer alot, you could get a soundcard. remember   if you have the best headphone and the source is bad, the sound will be crap , crap in = crap out. 
  4. AbsoluteZero
    Would like to know this also, been using it straight from my Sansa and they sound really good for the price. Probably a cMoy?

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