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Pair of Rockboxed iPods! One modded, cables if wanted

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  1. faultfracture
    For Sale or Trade
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    For sale are a pair of ipods that I enjoyed tinkering with but I haven't used them much...

    1.) iPod Mini Gen2 in Silver -- $30
    replacement touchpad (from a pink one :) )
    replaced hdd w/ 16gb cf card
    installed rockbox
    installed brand new battery
    screen is in above average condition
    case is in above average condition

    2.) iPod Nano Gen 4 in Black -- $20
    installed rockbox
    battery is a bit weak but player is still usable
    8gb flash onboard
    screen is in good shape
    case is in above average condition

    I can provide USB cables for both and I have a Fiio short LOD cable for use with a outboard amplifier too that will go to the first buyer. These units do work great and Apple's design is impressive and the UI is improved via Rockbox. It's also very noteworthy that the mini's lack of a color screen makes it VERY well suited to use in direct sunlight, it's very nice to actually be able to see a screen outside for a change. The nano is remarkable small & thin as well. Definitely worth a look for budget audiophiles and especially those that like to use outboard amps as that cleans up the sound tremendously and usually does away with noise. Prices are shipped and paypal'd CONUS. I have lots of good feedback here! I will ship internationally at the buyer's cost.

    S0902102.JPG S0892101.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
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    accepting offers!
  8. faultfracture
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    bump, always willing to deal or trade!
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    big price drop to $30 and $20
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