Pai Audio DM2A review
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Jul 19, 2019
TL:DR: The Dm2a is a warm sound signature with a Good Soundstage & imaging with not too much of a fault and is a well rounded IEM pleasant for an average listener travelling that I would recommend to anyone listening to Pop, Rock & Instrumental

Welcome to my first ever review for an IEM Do keep in mind that I am not an experienced audiophile and is just based on my little knowledge within a year I have about IEM so let’s start!

Introduction: Shenzhen Pai audio Technology AKA Pai Audio is a manufacturer of audio products. Some Disclosure, I have purchased this directly from Pai audio itself so in no way am I affiliated with Pai audio in anyways hence, this review will be based on my opinion. I have been using these for 3 weeks and I think it's about time to do this review since there is none on the internet.

Photo album:

Technical Specifications! (From Penon Audio)

Driver: 2BA ( Knowles) + 1 dynamic driver

Sensitivity: 125dB

Impedance: 8Ω

Frequency Response Range: 10-30kHz

Connectors: 2pin 0.78mm

Cable Length: 1.2m

Plug: 3.5mm Line Type

Accessories & Packaging 4/10

When I first received this from the mailbox and unboxed it. I was slightly disappointed with the packaging being a little dull and simple. Nevertheless, I decided to unbox them and found out that there isn’t any carry case or warranty cards inside. It’s just literally the DM2A and the ear tips with the foam that’s all. (P.S Please improve Packaging Pai Audio)

Build & Design 8/10

The Pai Audio is a well-crafted Iem with the marbleized and the engraved Pai logo makes the IEM looks appealing. The design is somewhat shaped just like a CIEM and I really appreciate the transparency for me to have a peek into wirings, dynamic and BAs. The texture of the Dm2A is smooth and is not fingerprint prone as compared to the DR2. The Nozzle itself does not have any metal grating which might not trap any ear wax. The cable looks like an 8 core Silver-Plated Copper Cable Y-Splitter (chin-slider included) which makes very durable. When travelling with the DM2A there is very minimal to no cable noise while travelling.

Comfort, Isolation and Source 9/10

The DM2A has an impedance of 8Ω which makes it ULTRA Easy to drive. For me when I first wear the DM2A. I was very impressed with the Noise Isolation. It roughly might be -26db around to -30db. While travelling in the Subway Tunnels in Singapore the piston effect sound is greatly reduced with the isolation even with people talking around I can’t even hear them at all. For my gear, I am using the S7 Edge (Sorry I am broke boi and that’s all I have) and I don’t have to turn up the volume more than 60%. of my gain. For the tips, I am using the stock tip as the tips itself has a good noise isolation and I don’t feel the need to change the tip.

Tracks Tested are all on 320KPBS & FLAC

Reaction- Sick Individuals; Jewelz & Sparks (Sub-Bass Test)

Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen (Everything)

No Sleep-Martin Garrix (Bonn-Vocal, Instrument)

Boom- Tiesto (Mr.Black Remix)- (Psy Kick & Attack)

It’s My Life- Bon Jovi (Guitar)

Old Town Road-Billy Ray Cyrus & Lil Nas (Treble Test)

On my Way-Alan Walker (Female Vocal)

Here with me-Marshmello & CHVRCHES (Female Vocal)

Bad guy-Billie Eillish (sub-bass)

High Hopes-Panic! At the Disco (Sibilance Test)

Try-P!nk (Vocals & Guitar)

November Rain-Guns ‘N’ Roses (Guitar, Soundstage & Imaging)

Money-Pink Floyd (SoundStage & Imaging)

Hotel California-Eagles (Cuz is a Must to include Guitar Test)

Beast Mode-Kura (Attack & Midbass)

Flip the Beat-Bassjackers (Panning & Imaging)

Bass 7/10

First up the Bass. It is Bodied & slightly thick. When Testing Reaction with the sub-bass I felt that it was acceptable in emphasising the sub-bass from the dynamic drivers. With the Mid-Bass it was not as emphasised as the sub-bass which was slightly emphasised. While testing Beast-Mode, the synth was more emphasised as compared to the mid-bass. With my test on hotel California, it was a very pleasant listening experience as the bass was well-textured and blend with the other instruments and it does not a crossover or clash with the other instrumentals. It does not sound boomy and I would feel that it is acceptable for everyone.

Mids 9/10

Oh boy, here is where this DM2A Shines A LOT. It’s Warm and forward, While listening to No Sleep, The Vocals of Bonn is very warm and is very detailed which is difficult to find nowadays in other IEM. Which is more focused on the female vocals. The piano & guitar on the Bohemian Rhapsody Queen is emphasised along with the vocals. It is pretty much the same for the Money by pink Floyd both are very enjoyable to listen to.

Treble: 9/10

The treble is Bright, Open and Steely. With very minor sibilance. While listening to Old Town Road, the high hats and snares are detailed and it does not clash with Billy & Lil Nas vocals. For female vocals, CHVRCHES & Sabrina Carpenter is not fatiguing nor piercing. Hell, even p!nk vocals are lovely. However for High Hopes! the chorus is a little piercing due to the mids & trebles emphasised but either changing the cables nor the tips will help to reduce the sibilance in the track.

Frequency Response (courtesy of Crinacle for your hard work measuring all these IEM)

Soundstage & Imaging 8/10

The soundstage of DM2A is Great. While listening to the classics like money and November rain I am able to differentiate and hear the instrument separations clearly.


VS Kinera Idun

Honestly, these 2 are very identical the only difference I could hear is that the DM2A has more bass and mid emphasised. Possible reasons for this might be that the Dynamic Driver in Dm2A is closer to the nozzle as compared to the Kinera Idun which is slightly further away from the nozzle.

VS IBasso It03

These two are exactly the complete opposite of each other whereas the Ibasso is slightly hollow mids and metallic treble which is where the DM2A shines at


The F9 Pro is a mild V-shaped and has a great attack and bass. The soundstage for the F9 doesn’t have such a great depth but has a good imaging as well compared to the DM2A. I felt that there the female vocal has on par with the DM2A but the male vocal does not reach great depth compared to DM2A

You can purchase the IEM right below the link (helping a buddy out)!


The DM2A has a very warm sound signature good for any genre that is pop & rock even house music that I would recommend to anyone who likes these genres but you should have a go at this IEM if you like other genres.
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Hi there!

I support almost all of what you wrote in this review, from the bass to the treble department is practically what I heard from this IEM.
I would like to bring my point of view from my experience with these babies.

NOTE: I have a personal "ranking/score" based on 1 to 3 "stars":
1/3 star means bad -------------- :star:
2/3 stars mean standard -------- :star::star:
3/3 stars mean outstanding ----- :star::star::star:

BASS :star::star::star:
To my ears, it has some of the quickest bass reaction, and decay I have heard. I would almost say "dry" bass but depends on the song as well. Overall, this is a very concise bass. Because of its speed, I give it 3 stars, and because I am more of a MID-TREBLE head.

MIDS :star2::star2::star2:
Practically, the same as the review above. Simply awesome mids. One thing I can add to it is that hearing female Japanese singers could become a unique experience. I love Stereopony Japanese band. I would say that 100% of their songs have these second vocals supporting the main vocal.

The difference is that if you hear this band in a darker or bass cannon, you almost cannot distinguish their voices, you only can hear the main singer. With these babies, you definitely can notice these details. Three stars because I am more of a MID-TREBLE head.

TREBLE :star2::star2:
I will take one phrase from the review, this IEM has "very minor sibilance". That is what I would remark. Everything else is the same. Two stars because I am more of a MID-TREBLE head, however, sometimes it fatigues me due to my music library being based more on female voices.

SOUNDSTAGE :star::star:
Above the average. Not so outstanding to my ears but definitely not narrow or congested. The standard score indicates you this is not a bad quality, it is just above average.

CONCLUSION :star::star::star:
I give it 3 stars due to its overall performance, price, and well ergonomic design it holds, and trust me, this IEM weighs like a feather, even with the cable included. Nowadays, you can find this gem in Penon store:

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