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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. SpudHarris Contributor
    No difference in terms of sq. He offers both types purely because different applications, I have more amps with single DIP sockets so bought duals and not singles. It's your choice, are you thinking of rolling chips in anything else?
  2. putente
    Ok, I see. Now that you've mention it, I actually have a desktop DAC/amp that has socketed opamps, a Matrix Cube. If I go for the dual LME49990, I guess I can use it there too! Great advice, thanks!
  3. Angular Mo
    A "shout out" thank you to Ron "HiFlight" for his incredible patience with me on his P4 topkit.  I am still fumbling along with it all, not sure if my configuration is OK, or not.  Admittedly, I am a software guy and not a hardware type....
  4. SpudHarris Contributor
    Ron is an absolute gent, I have learned much from him.
    if you are unsure of your set up, ask on this thread. There are many peeps willing to help, don't risk damaging anything for the sake of a question.
  5. Angular Mo
    Mr SpudHarris and all other !
    What is your P4 configuration?  Can you upload photos and a description of the sound?
    I am still working through some basic concepts, such as what each component is that I am looking at.  
    I plan to upload info for newbies once I an sure I understand what I am looking at.
  6. Angular Mo
    Question to anyone;
    Is it possible to install a Burr Brown OPA627 opamp into the P4?
    I read from Portaphile's description of the 627 that it is an excellent opamp.
    Would I need one or two?
  7. SpudHarris Contributor
    You can use the OPA627 (x2) but there are better chips. Is that amps circuit optimised for the 627 chip? If so, it may not sound as good in the P4.....
  8. Angular Mo
    "Is that amps circuit optimised for the 627 chip?"
    - I don't... and am open to recommendations for rolling.
  9. putente
    About the ISL5002, can you tell me if I need to get 1 or 2 of those to use in the P4? I'm going to PM Ron to ask about availability and price...
  10. SpudHarris Contributor
    The ISL5002 is a dual OpAmp so just one is needed in your P4 :)
  11. putente
    Thank you very much! [​IMG]
  12. rexirius
    The P4 is marked "out of stock" in the iBasso website. 
    Have they stopped production of this model?
  13. putente
    Possibly. You can still find them at eBay from a chinese seller, and maybe some iBasso retailers may still have them in stock...
  14. putente
    Well, after contacting Ron (HiFlight) about the ISL55002 chip, I finally got it up and running in my P4! He's really nice and supportive, and following his suggestion of using the ISL55002 in L/R with the AD797 chips as buffers and dummy ground chips, I achieved the kind of sound I was looking for from my P4, making it sound much like a tube amp, warm and musical, yet detailed with great bass performance! I'm very happy with this setup! [​IMG]
  15. SpudHarris Contributor
    Nice one..... Yes Ron is a great guy, very knowledgeable. I can't recall trying that combo, I will have to give it a try.
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