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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. Huxley
    Well i just assumed that the buffers were like op amps, so slot right in.
    So they need additional dip module, with a resistor in tow.
    But after speaking to ron, i think i'll plump for his topkit, it'll come with what im after and them some,
    should keep me happily tinkering for quite some time [​IMG]
    And like you say ron is a top chap, so i don't doubt it's an excellent package.
    Well it's what most with the P4 seem to choose, im enjoying the AD797 it's opened up the sound a treat, so the OPA627 and HA5002's should be rather special.
    And if it's not to my liking, at least i'll have others to try.
  2. Huxley
    Don't quote me on it, but it might be 14v from the battery, and 18v running from the charger.
    Im sure it was mentioned in this thread a while back.
  3. putente
    I can't say I've tried any other setup with my P4, as I bought it used here on HF and it came like that from the seller (along with a bunch of other opamps)! I enjoyed it's sound so much I haven't even felt the need to try other configurations since the first day I tried it, but I guess some time soon I'll have to do some opamp rolling to hear what changes in it's sound... 
  4. SpudHarris Contributor
    @ Huxley....

    They do just drop in as dip's but the adapter (PCB) has stuff underneath. Thought they were resistors but I'm not 100% sure.


    Sorry, just noticed how rubbish the pic is but you get the idea.
  5. Huxley
    I thought they were DIP8, but im sure you know they're much smaller.
    Wish i knew that before ordering, anyway i've paid ron for his lovely topkit so that should keep me happy for a long while.
    Do you know of any guides or pics when it comes to fitting them?
    The DIP8 modules im fine with, as they have the same orientation, it's the transistor buffers and ground modules im wary of.
    Also what's your take on the OPA2111AM as i think you're a fan of them?


  6. SpudHarris Contributor
    The adapters with the SOIC chips have the same pin spacing etc so they just fit like your standard DIP chips. I'm afraid that many companies are using SOIC chips now so getting them put on adapters is going to be pretty much the norm from now on. If soldering isn't your strongpoint you can always send them to me and I'll sort them for you.
    The Adapters have a visual to show the orientation, most have a square pad on pin one or are printed to show how they fit. If you are unsure at all, just ping me a PM.
    I used to love the OPA2111AM and still drop them in now and again, I even spent stupid money on the OPA111 metal cans which are the single versions. I'm told they don't output much for driving difficult loads but I still think they are nice, do you have any? 
    Huxley likes this.
  7. Huxley
    No but i've seen them mentioned and was curious as to what you thought of them.
    I think i'll just stick with the topkit and the 5002's for now, otherwise i'll just confuse things.
    Ah yes i see what you mean about the adapters, there's a white strip much like the dot that the op amps have.
    Might try the 634 buffers with the 797's just to see what that brings to the table.
    See once you know which way they go, then it's quite simple.
    I just didn't want to damage what i feel is a very nice amp.
    And thanks for the offer, im fine with soldering it's just an added hassle i didn't want.
  8. MusicalChillies
    Just adding my thoughts as I have those in my current set up but in the P3.
    Buffers : The stacked 634 buffers put the meat in the sandwich for me. The H002`s are clean sounding but seem to take the edge off the bass so depending on genre you have 2 options.
    L/R : Liking the 797`s again at the minute. Compress the sound stage a little and take the edge off the highs compared to the 827`s. The 827`s give that better detail and space so again genre depending.
    Out of the opamp`s I have (top kit and op`s from SpudHarris) the 627 in ground is still my favourite.
  9. Huxley
    I found the 797 fatiguing I much prefer the LT1678 with 5002 buffers and bypass ground.

    Warm, detailed and so easy to listen to.
  10. SpudHarris Contributor
    Haha Ron's Top Kit hits the spot!
    I like that combo also but I prefer to have an ISL5002 in ground....
  11. Huxley
    So you run the 5002 buffers in ground?
    Im assuming you use the bypass buffers in place?
    Still waiting on the OPA627's, they're taking forever.
  12. SpudHarris Contributor
    ISL5002 x 1 in centre ground (dual chip) + HA5002 x 2 in buffers (single chip).
  13. MusicalChillies
    Bypass G sounds interesting.
    This will take a back seat due to absolutely loving my new C&C BH amp (output 2) with Sennheiser Momentums.  I will play with opamps over the weekend but..
  14. Huxley
    Tis good, though i'll probably be forever looking for something better.
    Spud - With the 5002/ISL5002 combination what opamp you running with this.
    I had a look for the ISL5002 and they seem tricky to source, obviously some soldering onto a brown dog would be required, which im fine with just an added hassle.
    Tried BUF634 and didn't like it, same result using the bypass buffers, so for now im sticking with the above mentioned combination.
  15. SpudHarris Contributor
    ISL5002 also came from Hiflight (Ron) easier to source in US. Worth it though specially if you like micro details and transients. I'm torn at the moment between OPA602BP/OPA1641 and LME 49990 for L/R.....
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