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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. Fringe
    The P4 does a pretty good job with the HD600 when I compare it to my LD MKIII. The biggest difference seems to be the bass impact/extension and soundstage. The P4 seems to be more upfront sounding with less depth so it's a little flatter and not as full sounding. I also use the Q701 with the P4 and it sounds good but i don't have anything besides the MKIII to compare to so i cant comment too much. I don't know how useful this is because of all the different opamp and tube variations that come into play here but hopefully it helps some.
  2. giveit2menow
    i was interested to find the stock configuartion has the gain at the +10.5db setting. I thought it was always best to set the gain at the lowest setting you are happy with that works with the head unit. I wondered why they would set the stock to this?
  3. Minkypou
    warbler or pb2? i want the best souding quality for my ultrasone pro 900 and my hd598. i know the warbler is fine for *drive* my headphones, but i really want the best sound quality , soundstage, base deep, instruments separation, details, and more. thx!
  4. Bugdozer
    I have both the P4 and PB2/DB2.  If you are using them single ended, you may not hear too much difference, depending on the op amps and buffers.  Where you will hear a difference is running balanced.  I have the iBasso balanced Sennheiser cord to my HD600s and there is a noticeable openness in the sound.
    My P4 is for on the road driving my Ety 4S and I’m running an 8620 OPA and HA5002 buffers.  I did have 627s in the V/G sockets but I change them out but I don’t recall what is in there.  In my PB2 I also use the HA5002 buffers but swap around the OPAs.  If you are going to go balanced, get the PB2.
  5. Triangle3
    I need help... lol
    P4, D4 or D12...
    All I really need  is an amp, but I could use a different DAC. 
    Taking any opinions.
  6. Bugdozer
    Check the D6.  It looks nice too. Coworker got a Fiio E17.  Actually sounds pretty good.
  7. Triangle3
    Forgot to put it in my post lol
    P4, D6, D4 or D12....
  8. kiteki
    Thanks for the advice on the Warbler. =)
    I've noted...
    + gold-plated sockets
    + 3CH / 4CH design
    versus Pelican
    + balanced
    - four op-amp's required, or 2x stereo (like MUSES01 x2 etc.), no advantage here.
    - less battery life
    - higher THD and crosstalk? Not listed in the .pdf.
    Naturally there are more differences, anyone else compared them?
    What's the IC at the bottom-left in this pic?
  9. kiteki
  10. kiteki
    Anyone know the voltage supply in this?  Will the stereo left and right meet at least +-9V (18V)?
  11. Huxley
    Folks I've gone and bought two OPA627 and HA5002

    I'm fine fitting the 627's but do I fit The 5002's the same only in the middle two sockets?

    Don't want to blow my baby.
  12. SpudHarris Contributor

    Where did you get the 5002's? They are not your standard plug and play as they have to be mounted on an adapter with smd resistors etc....

    If you got them ready mounted then yes you put them in the centre sockets.
  13. Huxley
    Ah it's the bare chips.

    Where do i get them pre mounted?
  14. SpudHarris Contributor
    HiFlight (Ron Kerlin) is where I got mine. I bought pre built modules from him, he's a top bloke. You can find his details on this thread as he is also an avid fan of ibasso gear. He's the chap behind "topkits" (premium chipsets for rolling).

    It's worth doing though as the 5002 is easily my favourite buffer.

    Hope that helps....
  15. putente
    That's the setup I currently have in my P4! It's very good indeed... 
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