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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. paulybatz
    Yep, found listening nirvana finally LCD-2 rev1...P4 fed by the D7 DAC
  2. Uchiya
    For me, it was finding a match for the DT880 600ohms (yes, the 600ohm version).  Hiflight kit included.  Perfect balance.
  3. Mooses9
    does anyone have any expierence on the sound of the LME49990 and the ibasso p4? any opinions, expierences, what is the sound signature like?
  4. SpudHarris Contributor
    I used (and enjoyed) the LME49990 in my P4 for quite some time and have only recently swapped it out for THS4032. Not because the THS4032 is better but just because I fancied a change. The LME49990 will obviously sound different in different circuits but I can tell you that I don't think it will ever sound bad what ever you put it in. It is an amazing OpAmp and no doubt it will go back in my P4 soon. I am using them (LME49990) in my balanced PB-2 as I write this and again, in this iBasso curcuit they are superb in every way.
    Specifically with the P4 I found the sound to be almost tubey, in a good way. If you have ever listened to a ''decent'' tube amp you will know that there is a warmth and fullness to the sound but without sacrificing details and I guess that's how I would describe the LME49990 in the P4. It's one of if not ''the'' best OpAmps in the P4. 
    I've used this OpAmp in my EF-5 and my Fi-Quest and it shines in all of them. 
  5. estreeter
    I have no problem believing that - I rarely needed much more than 9am on the volume pot with any of my low impedance cans - the P4 could be configured for even more power, but that seemed redundant for my needs. I will get another P4 in the fullness of time - great amp. 
  6. Mooses9
    went ahead and got the lme49990 for starters. im new to the opamp amplifiers.
  7. Fringe
    Anyone using the P4 with the Q701? Earlier in the thread I saw someone was going to try the P4 with the K701 but I haven't seen any impressions on the pairing.
  8. estreeter
    I think Spud Harris gave it a whirl. 
  9. SpudHarris Contributor
    I have K702's and haven't used them for a while. I'll give it a whirl tonight and report back. I assume the K702's are pretty much the same. Of course things will be different SQ wise depending on the chipset used.
  10. Fringe
    Awesome thanks!
  11. Fringe
    Just got my Q701 today. Only had a couple hours with them and the P4 but I'm pretty impressed so far.
  12. SpudHarris Contributor
    Sorry, I never got to it. i was rolling Opamps/Buffers nearly all night in my PB-2 so only got a 15mins quality listening. I will try and get to it. Glad you are enjoying them though, that's all that counts!
  13. imackler
    Anyone tried the P4 with the HD600? Any thoughts? Searched the thread but didn't find any reflections... 
    What happened to your P4? Did you have it still when you got your EHP-O2? The O2 is so impressive. (I wish I still had my O2; now I'm looking for a single amp for my HD600 and maybe RE262.) 
    Did you ever get to? I've got the K550 right now and am wondering what the P4 does w/ the low resistance AKG phones. 
  14. estreeter
    My P4 had a nasty accident with a drillbit - comedy of errors, but I'll get another one - its not the same as trashing a pair of LCD-3s. I got the EHP-O2 later, but personally I prefer the P4 - that might tick a few people off, and I expect that the O2 has better measurements, but the little iBasso is a better form factor for mine - the EHP-O2 is an awkward design. You would be much better served reading the comments from people like HiFlight and SpudHarris earlier in this thread. Finally, someone did say they sold their P4 because it 'wasnt sufficiently powerful' - I cant remember what they were trying to drive, but that comment drove home the fact that you need to be realistic. If a desktop amp is a better fit for you personally, get a desktop amp. 
  15. estreeter
    I would add that one of the reasons that none of the above tried to write a fullblown 'review' of the P4 is that it's not 'one amp' - the extensive opamp / buffer combinations give P4 owners the ability to create a more powerful amp with a different sound signature to the stock configuration - all of my impressions were with the stock P4.  I would also note that various people reported problems with the DAC in the D6 - to date, I dont recall any major issues with the P4. 
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