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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. HiFlight

    I am with estreeter on this one...poor source = poor sound regardless of choice of opamps.
  2. uelover

    estreeter is saying that with poor source p4 will make the sound even more unbearable.

    I'm not saying that p4 is a magic box that will make poor source sounds like good source. I'm saying that you can roll the opamp to make it not as revealing when the source is poor so as to not aggravate the problem.
  3. estreeter


    My advice is to quit while you're behind. Trying to mask a poor source by rolling opamps is just bonkers. I dont have a problem with the OP using a Fuze as his source - it reportedly measures very well - but I wanted to make the point for anyone who sees a portable amp as a cure-all : that just hasnt been my experience with anything other than the ZO2. 
    OP, yes it was underwhelming when I trashed the P4, but I have a few other amps and the uHA-120 is on the same level as the P4, if not quite as powerful. Sadly 2012 looks like being a year where I have to show a little fiscal restraint. so it may be 2013 before I can purchase another P4 - its all good. 
  4. uelover
    I get your point. But life is not a bed of rose whereby you could always have a good source - e.g., when I need to listen to a track recorded by my friend that was recorded badly and was encoded in 96kbps MP3 format. Not everyone is an audiophile or sound engineer, we live with normal common people who don't really care about SQ.
    If we could, no one will choose a bad source over a good source. But under a constraint, we can be rest assured that we can opamp roll the P4 so that it will not emphasize the weakness even more and make the listening even more unbearable.
    If you enjoy to listen to every single flaws in a poorly recorded tracks, then go ahead with the most detailed sounding and revealing opamps. No one's going to stop you. But it is wrong to say that P4 will bite you on poor source because certainly it will not when you can choose a set of other opamps to mask the poorness of the source.
    It is not like using an ESS Sabre chipset DAC on songs recorded in the audio podcast format. It will surely make you cry because it will be better to just unplug the DAC and listen direct from the PC.
  5. Huxley
    With regards to source, the reason im using the fuze is purely as it means i can use an lod, i have a cowon s9 and i will try it but i don't like double amping for very obvious reasons.
    Plus im not big on apple, ok so they 'might' be the best solution but i don't like them as a corporation.
    Perhaps you folks know of any better options?
    Im thinking perhaps a hifiman 602 or sflo2?
  6. estreeter
    Huxley, while no-one knows what the price will be, I would hold off until January when iBasso finally give us the price on the DX100. I have absolutely no idea whether it will live up to the spec sheet, but it promises (on paper) to be a killer all-in-one solution.
  7. estreeter
    @uelover, we are going to have to agree to disagree. I only know that the ZO2 is the only device I own which makes the headphone out on my laptop sound 'good'  - not stellar, but good enough. For everything else, I need a USB DAC in the mix - clearly, not a viable option for portable rigs unless you are prepared to spend serious money on the CLAS/HP-P1. I'm not.
  8. Huxley
    Woah it has a sabre ess dac, that will be mental if it lives up to the hype.
    Err ok i think i can manage to hold off till then. [​IMG]

  9. uelover


    You are missing my point. But it is ok. Life have more important things than bickering over little stuffs =)
    I am just trying to drive the point across to other head-fiers that the P4 is really not an unforgiving amp when used with poor sources - it can sounds comfortable with poor sources or terrific with good sources.
    For your info, CLAS is only going to make poor sources sound even worse. I have own it before and listening to poorly recorded tracks are unbearable. Also, it is not a DAC for laptop.
  10. estreeter
    I did say *portable* when referring to the CLAS / HP-P1 - I consider netbooks/notebooks 'transportable', but I guess its semantics.
  11. Huxley
    Well i now have my little black warbler.
    Nice quality feel to it, i can't wait to fire her up.
    Couple questions though.
    How long for the initial charge, and where do i get a black knob from?
  12. SpudHarris Contributor
    Hmmm, that old ''black knob' thing again..... I got mine from the coal bunker door. Seriously though I've bought quite a few over the years from here http://www.banzaimusic.com/Metal/
    Huxley likes this.
  13. paulybatz
    RS1i  powered by the IBASSO P4, sourced by CD via the IBASSO DB1
    Very full sound...listening to James McBride LIVE....Part of the band sitting on the stage with them!
    LONG TIME YA'LL hope everyone is well...listen responsibly!
  14. Huxley
    Lol any idea on what size mate, i lost my calipers ages ago and never got around to buying a new set.
    Tried the amp today and first impressions are neutral and dynamic with a wide soundstage, with a tiny bit of sibilance.
    I could use a bit less treble, and a hint of warmth that'll do it, but for now i'll just break it in and have fun.
    Besides i don't want to fry the thing by getting the op amps wrong.
    Pics will probably be involved, along with lots of pdf reading.
    Oh and my el cheapo phillips she3580 adore this amp, it really brings them out in the open. Id swear they're a £100 dynamic just by sound alone.

  15. paulybatz
    LCD-2 (rev1) with the P4 is phenomenal....however, I just cannot put to words the presentation, it just begs for more listening, AND is one of the sexiest set of cans I have ever seen!
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