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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. SpudHarris Contributor
    Hmmm.... I happen to like the silver knob (see my earlier pics). I had a black knob on it for a while but found it made the bass bloated [​IMG]
    Seriously though, you guys just ordering this amp are in for a rare bang for buck treat. The P4 with the right chipset (LT1678 + HA5002 Buffers + ISL55002 in G/VG ) will compete with portables/desktops costing substancially more. This amp is one of lifes golden nuggets......
  2. estreeter
    Spud, I'd suggest we let these folks have some fun with the stock configuration before leaping into the world of op-amp rolling - if my D4 is any guide, its swings-and-roundabouts for most of us. I tried a stack of different combinations, and ended up back with Ron's original recommendation.
  3. SpudHarris Contributor
    I tried literally hundreds of combos since buying the P4 and now literally have the absolute best in the above chipset.... for those who want to try it straight off and then play if they so wish it could save them a lot of dosh on boutique opamps that don't yeald the same results. I know coz I've done it. Just tryin to help.
  4. civilaudio


    Yeah, .. I procured opamps from Ron... got several options from his recommendation... I did try several options picking from P3, D4 thread... some was ok.. I actually tried the 602BP after Spud claim it was the best...
    I plugged the LT1678 + HA5002 Buffers but left the G/V to dummy(s)... don't have ISL55002. Ron recommended the ad797 in ground but it has some radio interferences when I plugged in the power supply..
  5. SpudHarris Contributor
    I got that interferance too but not with the ISl55002 in G/VG and that is one of the few chips when used in G/VG that doesn't have a massive thud when switching on. I still love the OPA602BP by the way but it's a chip that needs to be listened to for a while to be appreciated fully.
  6. civilaudio


    I will revisit 602BP in the future... I just checked the ISI55002.. this one has 140ma of output?
  7. vkvedam
    Hey Spud
    Just a quick question. Did you ever have a listen to the Neco V2 Dual Mono? I am asking you this just because of the fact that you're from the UK. If yes then how good is P4 compared to the Neco.
    Many Thanks.....
  8. SpudHarris Contributor
    I have had a couple of Neco's amps and auditioned/reviewed the early version mosfet amps he now makes. I never had the dual mono but I still have one of his cmoys which I rehoused in a less bulky altoids tin. For a cmoy it is very, very refined. If you listened with your eyes closed you would imagine something more expensive for sure. However it does not compete with the P4 at all. I like Neco though, he's a great tallent and I'd love to try his flagship mosfet now it has evolved, it looks the business with the dual power supplies etc....
    The P4 with the right Opamps takes some beating, period.
    Hey just noticed you are just down the road from me (Worcestershire) [​IMG]
  9. vkvedam
    Cheers Spud, I had the pleasure of owning the V2 dual mono for about 10 months and now sold it. He said there's going to be a V3 that's coming out. I felt it's really good compared to my D10 although the sound stage is a bit less in comparison. But bass presentation was really good. Good to see another head-fier in the neighbourhood. But I am in Coventry now.
  10. andychen
    how does P4 compared to some of the budget desktop amps, like E9? Thanks.
  11. estreeter
    Really well.
  12. uelover
    Just popped in my OPA627 Dual opamps in. Sounds really smooth and lush. A bit more to be desired on the soundstage and dynamics though.
    1) Will using 2X single OPA627 be better than 1X dual OPA627 or will they achieve the same results?
    2) I am currently using the Dummy and the BUF634 on the G and V and Buffer positions (stock configuration). What are some of the other things I should try in the G and V positions?
    Sorry but I have totally no idea what the G and V positions are for and how should I go about playing with them >_<
  13. estreeter
    I used to have a P4 - until I started messing with the G and V positions. I really hope you haven't messed with anything.
    (We really need a grave icon to depict dearly departed kit)
  14. uelover


    What did you do? [​IMG]
    I am using OPA627 Dual with the BUF634WB and AD797 in G and OPA604 in V.
    The bass is uber strong and punchy on my ES5. I suddenly felt like I have inherited a basshead iem [​IMG]
  15. uelover
    Is it a good idea to put my Dual OPA627AU on the L/R channel and to get 2X Single OPA627BP for the G and V??
    I am thinking of sticking on OPA627 as the main opamp and the BUF634PWB as the buffers but am not sure which are good for G and V.
    I threw in OPA604 into both of them and they sounds really easy to listen to.
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