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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    Here many college students, like 75 percent or more, enter the 2 year program with a reading level anywhere from 7th to 8th grade. Their US Pell Grant is used up on remedial courses and then they drop out because they go for the grant money and nothing else. Party on dude, party on. 
    P4 is a powerful clean amp. Unbelievable. 
  2. SpudHarris Contributor
    Powerful, Clean and more.....
    Got mine today and have to say I am amazed how far ibasso have pushed the envelope on this amp. Not only a great amp but my experience with their customer service has always been great. Although I am awaiting for an answer from them which John will probably know so I'll ask here also.
    The BUF634AU's are on an adapter that cries out for another DIP to be plugged into the top, I assume this is for stacking buffers but wondered does it matter if you mix ''AU'' or ''P''? I have some standard (Not Hi-C) BUF634P's and wondered if I can just plug and play?
    Someone asked about the underside so for those interested I snapped a quick pic. Looks fairly busy under there.....
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    You would stack a regular buffer on one that is biased to high C. If you stacked another one with a resistor then you would be halving the resistance to 100 ohms, which works but will burn more current and the 634's will get hotter. I had an amp that used no resistor, just a trace and the buffers got very hot but didn't sound any better than with a 200 ohm resistor. You can stack any of the 634's from soic or dip. 
  4. SpudHarris Contributor
    Well, I'm finding I like the Hi-C BUF634's better than any of the included buffers.
    I have listened for many hours since changing the configuration and have a quite bold statement to make. I think that bang for buck this is an absolutely incredible amp. I don't think I've ever heard an amp in 4 channel mode that sounds this good, the intricate layers of music are there in all their 3D glory, just wonderful.... My experience with 4 channel modes have never been quite what I was hoping for, often too airy with loss of impact or slam. Not so with the P4 :)
    My Unique Melody/Westone 6 Monitors sound better with this amp than anything else in my stable at present but reserve judgement on full sized cans as I haven't tried any yet. I may do just for laughs but the P4 is really for portable use. The Fi-Quest is a brilliant amp for sure and probably beats the P4 in a few areas but 4 channel mode isn't great to my ear and the Fi-Quest footprint is probably 3 times the size.
    For reference I'm using ADA637-1-BRZ in L/R with Hi-C Buffers and OPA627 dual module in the centre position of G/V.
  5. paulybatz
    Did some more listening today...I like it stock with no mods...however I am going to give RON's (HiFlight) topkit a try! See what it does, the one I got for my D4 really opened it up.
  6. ztsen
    Any idea where can I get the  OPA627 ?   How is it sounds compare to the stock opamp?
  7. jamato8 Contributor
    I think Digkey has them. I like the OPA637 as well. 
  8. ztsen

    How do I know which 1 to buy?
    so many choice here
    I need to buy as a pair rite?

  9. estreeter
    Buy them all - we are talking silicon here, not sheep stations :)
  10. Bugdozer
    Ok, total noob question here as I've never delved into the world of op-amp rolling and I'd like to start playing with my new P4.  When SpudHarris says he's using a OPA627 dual module in the center position of G/V, is this a single OPA627, two stacked, a special OPS627?
    I did a search for this and also started to read the big D10 thread but I got a bit overwhelmed with 276 pages of posts.  Thanks All!
  11. Bugdozer
    Sorry, double post.
  12. SpudHarris Contributor
    I'm sure as I buy loads from them AudJade won't mind me pasting a couple of pics....
    This is the type I was speaking of.
  13. HiFlight
    Although more expensive, the BP version is the best of the OPA627/637 choices.
  14. SpudHarris Contributor
    Absolutely agree!
    Those AU's were the only OPA627's I had in my box as the BP's are used elsewhere.
    I have made no bones about my love for the OPA2111AM and it has been my favourite for sometime in my Fi-Q. Out of curiosity I ordered a couple of OPA111BM's and have dropped them in the P4 with Hi-C Buffers and G/V bypassed. I haven't compared with the 2111AM yet but I can tell you they are the Dogs Proverbials.......
    I love this amp :)
  15. Bugdozer
    Thanks, I'm ordering now.
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